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Guitar Tunings

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I started to collect information on guitar tunings and their use some years ago. When I started I had no idea that there would be that many. There are now more than 400 open tunings and alternate tunings listed. The list is still growing, although not as fast as it used to. For the most common tunings you will find more information. For the more exotic tunings, there will only be references to artist using the tunings and the songs where they are used.

Click on a "Family", "Root" or "Voicing" to select the tunings in this group.

Notes Name Family Root Voicing
A-E-B-E-G#-E Eadd4 Add4 E 4-1-5-1-3-1
B-E-B-E-B-E E5/B4 Fifth E 5-1-5-1-5-1
C#-E-B-E-E-B - Modal E 6-1-5-1-1-5
C-B-E-G-B-E Em6 Minor6 E 6b-5-1-3b-5-1
E-A-A-E-A-B Esus4 Modal E 1-4-4-1-4-5
E-A-B-E-A-B Esus4 Modal E 1-4-5-1-4-5
E-A-B-E-B-B Esus4 Modal E 1-4-5-1-5-5
E-A-E-A-C#-E Open A Major E 5-1-5-1-3-5
E-B-B-E-B-E E5 Fifth E 1-5-5-1-5-1
E-B-B-F#-B-E Esus2 Modal E 1-5-5-2-5-1
E-B-B-G-B-D Em7 Minor7 E 1-5-5-3b-5-7b
E-B-D-E-A-C# - None E 1-5-7b-1-4-3
E-B-D-E-B-E - Modal E 1-5-7b-1-5-1
E-B-D-G-B-E Em7 Minor7 E 1-5-7b-3b-5-1
E-B-E-A-B-E Esus4 Modal E 1-5-1-4-5-1
E-B-E-A-E-E Esus4 Modal E 1-5-1-4-1-1
E-B-E-F#-B-D - None E 1-5-1-2-5-7
E-B-E-F#-B-E Esus2 Modal E 1-5-1-2-5-1
E-B-E-G#-B-D# Emaj7 Maj7 E 1-5-1-3-5-7
E-B-E-G#-B-E Open E Major E 1-5-1-3-5-1
E-B-E-G#-C#-E E6 6 E 1-5-1-3-6-1
E-B-E-G-A-D - Minor E 1-5-1-3b-4-7b
E-B-E-G-B-E Open E minor - Cross Minor E 1-5-1-3b-5-1
E-E-A-E-B-E Esus4 Modal E 1-1-4-1-5-1
E-E-B-A-B-D - Modal E 1-1-5-4-5-7b
E-E-B-G-B-D Em7 Minor7 E 1-1-5-3b-5-7b
E-E-E-E-B-E E5 Fifth E 1-1-1-1-5-1
E-E-E-E-E-E All E Unison E 1-1-1-1-1-1
E-F#-B-E-F#-B Esus2 Modal E 1-2-5-1-2-5
E-G#-E-F#-B-B Eadd9 Add9 E 1-3-1-9-5-5
E-G-B-E-B-E E minor Minor E 1-3b-5-1-5-1
E-G-E-G-B-E E minor Minor E 1-3b-1-3b-5-1
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