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Name: - Family: Minor Root: E Voicing: 1-5-1-3b-4-7b

A tuning used by Chris Proctor. From Chris Proctors web: "Here's a little tuning tidbit to get you players started. Try this tuning: EBEGAD. I picked it up from Peter Finger, and I like it a lot. Be careful when tuning up the D string to E--there's a lot of tension there. You will probably find others, but here are three likely key choices: E minor, D major, and G major all work well. You can hear the tuning used on two songs from The Chris Proctor Collection Here's a hot tuning for all of you enthusiasts: EBEGAD. I picked it up from Peter Finger. It's a high-tension affair on the A and D strings, so be careful there when you tune them up to B and E. You can hear it in use on two tunes from my Chris Proctor Collection CD: "Tap Room" and "Hotspot," and also on "Ozymandias," from my brand new CD Ladybug Stomp."

Recordings with the E-B-E-G-A-D tuning

Peter Finger Getaway -
Peter Finger Pictures -
Chris Proctor Hotspot -
Chris Proctor Ozymandias -
Chris Proctor Tap Room -

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