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Open-G lesson from Strumeronline

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Name: Open G - Spanish Family: Major Root: G Voicing: 5-1-5-1-3-5

Open G / Open A-Tuning

This is one of the "classic" open tunings, and it is often called "Spanish", with reference to a tune called The Spanish Fandango. Probably the most popular tuning for slide guitar. Also favored by Hawaiian slack-key guitarists, who refer to it as Taro-patch tuning.

If you tune to Open G, you tune down the low E-string to D, the A-string to G and the high E-string to E. This gives you the tuning D-G-D-G-B-G, which is a G-major chord on open strings. The chord has the voicing 5-1-5-1-3-5.

Open A has the same relation between the strings, but it is one note higher. When re-tuning from standard tuning, you tune the D-string up to E, the G-string up to A and the B-string up to C#. All the exampes given here are written out in open G-tuning. But everything would apply to open A as well. In fact, the TAB would have been exactly the same, but the music notation, chord symbols and of course the sound would have been different.

If you are re-tuning from standard tuning to Open G, you should get these notes:

Standard E A D G B E
Open G D G D G B D

You tune your 6th string (Low E) down one whole step to D. I prefer to tune it to the 4th string, which should be one octave above. The 5th string goes down one whole step from A to G. I tune this to the 3rd string, one octave above. Then the 1st string is tuned down one whole step from E to D, and again I tune to 4th string.

If you prefer to tune to adjacent strings, tune as on the figure to the right:

  • 6st string 5th fret = 5th string open
  • 5th string 7th fret = 4th string open
  • 4th string 5th fret = 3rd string open
  • 3rd string 4thrd fret = 2nd string open
  • 2nd string 3rd fret = 1st string open.

If you tune to Open A, you tune 4th string up one whole tone to E, 3rd string up one whole tone to A and 2nd string up one half step to C#. The relationship between the strings are the same as for Open G.

Open A E A E A C# E
Standard E A D G B E

ls:GT 99, 2004-06.

Recordings with the D-G-D-G-B-D tuning

Del Amitri Tell Her -
Chet Atkins Black Mountain Rag -
Chet Atkins From Nashville With Love -
Chet Atkins Hawaiian Slack Key -
Chet Atkins Old Double Shuffle -
Chet Atkins Spanish Fandango -
Chet Atkins Stephen Foster Medley -
Duck Baker B-Rod's Rag -
Duck Baker Child of My Heart -
Duck Baker High On A Mountain/ Poll Ha'penny -
Duck Baker Miss Forbes farewell -
Duck Baker Poll halfpenny -
Steve Baughman Open C Textural Riff -
Steve Baughman Open G Textural Riff -
Rory Block Crossroad Blues -
Luka Bloom Jenny of the sun -
Paul Brady Arthur McBride -
Dan Ar Bras Blood Of The Boat -
Bill Brennan Will Ye No' Come Back Again -
Willie Brown Future Blues -
Buckcherry Lit Up -
Robin Bullock Flowing Tide -
Danny Carnahan Sangisangy -
Sonny Chillingworth Ka Wai Lehua 'A'ala Ka Honua -
Sonny Chillingworth Kaula 'ili -
Sonny Chillingworth Kukuna O Ka La -
Sonny Chillingworth Moe 'Uhane -
Sonny Chillingworth Pua Tuberose -
Sonny Chillingworth Wai Ulu -
Eric Clapton Mean Old World -
Eric Clapton Running On Faith -
Eric Clapton Sign Language -
Eric Clapton Walkin' Blues -
Craig Dobbins Lonesome Road Blues -
Mike Dowling Rosalie -
The Everly Brothers Wake Up Little Susie -
John Fahey Give Me Cornbread When I'm Hungry -
John Fahey It Came Upon A Midnight Clear -
John Fahey On The Sunny Side Of The Ocean -
John Fahey Round the Bend -
John Fahey Spanish Two-Step -
John Fahey Steamboat Gwine -
Kenn Fox Loose Change -
Ed Gerhard Away In A Manger -
Gordon Giltrap Fast Approaching -
Gordon Giltrap Heartsong -
Nanci Griffith Five And Dime -
Stefan Grossman Banty Rooster -
Stefan Grossman Easy Street -
Stefan Grossman Just A Closer Walk With Thee -
Stefan Grossman Moon's Goin' Down -
Stefan Grossman One Kind of Favor -
Stefan Grossman Someday Baby -
Stefan Grossman Working On The New Railroad -
The Guess Who American Woman -
Buddy Boy Hawkins Awful Fix Blues -
Buddy Boy Hawkins Jailhouse Fire Blues -
Buddy Boy Hawkins Shaggy Dog Blues -
Son House Dry Spell Blues -
Son House My Black Mama -
Mississippi John Hurt Frankie -
Lil' Son Jackson Gambler Blues -
Skip James Special Rider Blues -
Blind Lemon Jefferson Rabbit Foot Blues -
Robert Johnson Love In Vain Blues -
Laurence Juber Angels We Have Heard On High -
Laurence Juber Blue Lullaby -
Laurence Juber Double Espresso -
Laurence Juber Jesus Joy Of Man's Desire -
Laurence Juber Peace Of The Sky -
Laurence Juber Prelude & Silent Night -
Nick Katzman Panic When The Sun Goes Down -
Jorma Kaukonen Water Song -
Chris Thomas King Waterelon Man -
Pat Kirtley Both Sides Now -
Pat Kirtley Spanish Fandango -
Leo Kottke Arms of Many -
Leo Kottke Cherry County -
Leo Kottke Ice Miner -
Leo Kottke Vaseline Machine Gun -
Patrick Landeza Kahuku Slack-Key -
Sonny Landreth All About You -
Sonny Landreth Blues Attack -
Sonny Landreth Gone Pecan -
Sonny Landreth U.S.S. Zydecoldsmobile -
Sonny Landreth Wind In Denver -
Led Zeppelin Going To California -
Adrian Legg Ghosts in the Hills -
Furry Lewis Kassie Jones Open G
Furry Lewis Turn Your Money Green -
Rob MacKillop Air -
Rob MacKillop Black Sands -
Rob MacKillop Blew Ribben -
Rob MacKillop Corne Yairds -
Rob MacKillop Flowers of the Forest -
Rob MacKillop Generall Lellys Godnight -
Rob MacKillop I will not goe to my bed till I suld die -
Rob MacKillop Mary, young and fair -
Rob MacKillop Milne's Lilt -
Rob MacKillop My Lady Binnis Lilt -
Rob MacKillop Rory Dall's Port -
Rob MacKillop Who will dandle my Mary -
Mississippi Fred McDowell Gravel Road Blues -
Mississippi Fred McDowell Someday Baby -
John Mellencamp Pink Houses -
Memphis Minnie Let's Go to Town -
Joni Mitchell (You're So Square) Baby I Don't Care -
Joni Mitchell Both Sides Now -
Joni Mitchell Circle Game -
Joni Mitchell Dr. Junk The Dentist Man -
Joni Mitchell Eastern Rain -
Joni Mitchell Just Like Me -
Joni Mitchell Little Green -
Joni Mitchell London Bridge -
Joni Mitchell Marcie -
Joni Mitchell Morning Morgantown -
Joni Mitchell Nathan La Franeer -
Joni Mitchell Roses Blue -
Sam Mitchell Jubilee Jamboree -
Sam Mitchell Sunshine In Houston -
Sam Mitchell Two-Step Swing Thing -
Bill Mize Road Scholar -
Hambone Willie Newbern Roll and Tumble Blues -
Charley Patton Bird Nest Bound -
Charley Patton High Water Everywhere -
Charley Patton Screamin' And Hollerin' The Blues -
Kelly Joe Phelps Gold Tooth -
Kelly Joe Phelps Mr. My Go -
Chris Proctor Fisher's Hornpipe -
Chris Proctor Huckleberry Hornpipe -
Chris Proctor Huckleberry Hornpipe/Limerock/The Kitchen Girl -
Chris Proctor Penultimate House on Salmon Beach -
Chris Proctor Sailor's Hornpipe -
Chris Proctor Sunset Medley -
Chris Proctor Three Jigs -
John Renbourn Blarney Pilgrim -
John Renbourn English Dance -
John Renbourn Fantasia -
John Renbourn Mrs. Power (Carolan's Concerto) -
John Renbourn Old Mac Bladgitt -
The Rolling Stones Goin' Home -
The Rolling Stones Little Red Rooster -
The Rolling Stones Shake Your Hips -
The Rolling Stones She's So Cold -
The Rolling Stones Start Me Up -
The Rolling Stones Tumbling Dice -
The Rolling Stones Undercover (Of The Night) -
Don Ross Little Giants -
Felix Schell Emma -
Doug Smith Fine Line -
Doug Smith High Roller -
Fred Sokolow Mississippi Jump Time -
Travis Tritt T-R-O-U-B-L-E -
Muddy Waters I Can't Be Satisfied -
Muddy Waters I Feel Like Going Home -
Muddy Waters Louisiana Blues -
Doc Watson Freight Train Blues -
Bukka White Fixin' to Die -
Leo Wijnkamp jr. Buffalo Gals -
Leo Wijnkamp jr. Flop Eared Mule -
Leo Wijnkamp jr. Red Wing -
David Wilcox Nightshift Watchman -
Zubot & Dawson Shame About It -

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