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Name: Werewolf Family: Modal Root: G Voicing: 4-1-5-1-9-5

A variation of DADGAD is obtained lowering the fifth and sixth string one more tone: it's the so called "low-C tuning": CGDGAD, often used by Dave Evans, Kaki King and El McMeen. it gets you away from all those parallel fourths that arise in standard tuning. The Hawaiian name is C Ni'ihau or Old Mauna Loa. The name Werewolf is given by Robin Bullock.

Ls:GP 2004-03bin Bullock

Recordings with the C-G-D-G-A-D tuning

Keola Beamer Dancers In The Land Of Po -
Keola Beamer E Ku'u Morning Dew -
Ken Bonfield Farewell -
Ken Bonfield Freedom -
Ken Bonfield Hard Times -
Robin Bullock Between Earth and Sky -
Robin Bullock My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose -
Gregg Cagno View From Here -
Alex de Grassi Single Girl -
Alex de Grassi Streets of Laredo -
Alex de Grassi Water Garden -
Dave Evans Cold Feet -
Dave Evans Greyhills -
Dave Evans Morgan Magan -
Dave Evans Sheebeg An Sheemore -
Kenn Fox Bola -
Kenn Fox Mandapa -
Ed Gerhard Fog Trilogy -
Ed Gerhard Gearhat -
Kevin Harding Nocturn -
Michael Hedges I Want You -
Laurence Juber Ac-cen-tu-ate The Positive -
Laurence Juber Bells Of Paradise -
Laurence Juber Eye of the Storm -
Laurence Juber Fall of A Sparrow -
Laurence Juber Green Kitchen -
Laurence Juber Listen to What the Man Said -
Laurence Juber Live and Let Die -
Laurence Juber Missing You More Than You Know -
Laurence Juber Mosaic -
Laurence Juber Rain -
Laurence Juber This Boy -
Laurence Juber You Won't See Me -
Adrian Legg Queenies Waltz -
El McMeen Boys Of The Ould Brigade -
El McMeen Bridget Cruise - 3rd Air -
El McMeen Bridget Cruise - 4th Air -
El McMeen Carolan No. 179 -
El McMeen Carolan's Cottage -
El McMeen Carolan's Dream -
El McMeen Carolan's Farewell To Music -
El McMeen Carolan's Quarrel With The Landlady -
El McMeen Carolan's Receipt -
El McMeen Castle of Dromore -
El McMeen Charles O'Connor -
El McMeen Danny Boy -
El McMeen Derry Air -
El McMeen Eleanor Plunkett -
El McMeen Fanny Power -
El McMeen Gypsy Rover -
El McMeen Hugh O'Donnell -
El McMeen Inisheer Air -
El McMeen Jacobs Ladder -
El McMeen James Plunkett -
El McMeen Jock O'Hazeldean -
El McMeen Kid On The Mountain -
El McMeen Killmoulis Jig -
El McMeen Lament For Owen Roe O'Neill -
El McMeen Mist Covered Mountains Of Home -
El McMeen My Mary of the Curling Hair -
El McMeen Not Alone For Mighty Empire -
El McMeen One Morning In May -
El McMeen Rights of Man -
El McMeen Sir Festus Burke -
El McMeen South Wind -
El McMeen Star Of The County Down -
El McMeen This Is My Father's World -
El McMeen Will Ye Go, Lassie, Go? -
Chris Proctor Hard Times -
Chris Proctor Henry's Shuffle -
Chris Proctor Ladybug Stomp -
Chris Proctor Meriwether -
Chris Proctor Middle Fork -
Chris Proctor Ruby Tuesday -
Chris Proctor Valedictory -
Chris Proctor Webster's Revenge -
Preston Reed Border Towns -
Preston Reed Crossing Open Water -
Preston Reed Film Noir -
Preston Reed Halfway Home -
Preston Reed Lost Time -
Preston Reed Night Ride -
Preston Reed Outskirts -
Preston Reed Rainmaker -
Preston Reed Signal Path -
Preston Reed Stonecutter -
Preston Reed Sunrise Drive -
Preston Reed What You Don't See -
Preston Reed You Are Always With Me -
Don Ross Bruyere -
Chris Rosser Archaeology -
Chris Rosser Follow The Water Down -
Doug Smith Jig Is Up -
Doug Smith Two Handed Paradox -
Jim Tozier Rose of Allendale -
Jim Tozier Slane -
Buzz Turner Here There And Back Again -
David Wilcox Break in the Cup -
David Wilcox Chet Baker's Unsung Swan Song -
David Wilcox Covert War -
David Wilcox High Hill -
David Wilcox Leaving You -
David Wilcox Show Me The Key -
David Wilcox Silent Prayer -

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