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Steve Baughman
Steve Baughman's comments on the Orkney tuning.

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Name: Orkney Family: Modal Root: Voicing:

I have adopted this name given by Steve Baughman to the tuning C G D G C D. If you want to know why it is called so, go to his website. It is a modal tuning, closely related to the popular DADGAD tuning.

Recordings with the C-G-D-G-C-D tuning

Steve Baughman A-Walking' I Will Go -
Steve Baughman Cullen Bay -
Steve Baughman Fanny Power -
Steve Baughman Greensleeves -
Steve Baughman John Kelly's Reel -
Steve Baughman Lord Inchiquin -
Steve Baughman Oh Come Emmanuel -
Steve Baughman Orkney Blues -
Steve Baughman Orkney Blues Riff -
Steve Baughman Orkney Textural C Riff -
Steve Baughman Orkney Textural G Riff -
Steve Baughman Planxty Pegeen -
Steve Baughman Ramble To Cashel -
Steve Baughman Saint Anne's Reel -
Steve Baughman So Early In The Spring -
Gregg Cagno Hollywood Comes To Hoboken -
Jerry Jennings New Grass -
Chris Proctor Nights in White Satin -
Preston Reed Dead Cool -
Preston Reed Franzel's Saw -
Preston Reed Franzel's Saw, Parts 1 and 2 -
Chris Rosser Carousel -
Chris Rosser Christmas In The Ashram -
Chris Rosser First Class Ticket -
Chris Rosser Great Mystery -
Chris Rosser I Will -
Chris Rosser In Everything (Momosona) -
Chris Rosser Living In Me -
Chris Rosser O Son Of Earth -
Chris Rosser Red Harvest Moon -
Chris Rosser Red Harvest Moon -
Chris Rosser There's A Light -
Chris Rosser Wronged One -
Martin Simpson Believe Me If All These Endearing Young Charms -
Martin Simpson Donal Og/My Generous Lover/The Coo Coo Bird/Santa Cruz -
Martin Simpson Lowlands Of Holland -
Martin Simpson Waters Of Tyne -

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