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Name: - Family: Modal Root: D Voicing: 1-5-1-2-5-1

A close relative of open D and D A D G A D with a distinctive character from the close interval between the third and fourth strings. It could either be labeled Dsus2 or Asus4. When choosing D as root, the voicing is 1-5-1-2-5-1. With A as root, the voicing is 4-1-4-5-1-4. A prefer to classify it as a D-based tuning, because the 4th (D) will be very dominating if we use A as basis.

Recordings with the D-A-D-E-A-D tuning

Gregg Cagno In Her Own Eyes -
Vicki Genfan Why Don't Love Sit Still -
Pat Kirtley Daisy Goes a Dancing -
Pat Kritley Daisy Goes a Dancing -
Joni Mitchell I Had A King -
Joni Mitchell That Song About The Midway -
Bill Mize Freefall -
Bill Mize Path of Fallen Leaves -
John Renbourn Pelican -
Third Eye Blind God of Wine -
David Wilcox How Did You Find Me Here -

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