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Name: Double Dropped D Family: Dropped Root: D Voicing: 1-5-1-4-6-1

In this tuning you tune down both the low and high E-strings to D, which gives the tuning D-A-D-G-B-D.

Close relatives are Dropped D, Dropped D dropped to C and Dropped D-G.

Recordings with the D-A-D-G-B-D tuning

Ken Bonfield Dreamin' -
Buffalo Springfield Bluebird -
Gregg Cagno Half A Dance -
Gregg Cagno When I'm Dancing -
David Crosby Dj Vu CPR version
Ani DiFranco Letter To A John -
The Doobie Brothers Black Water -
Nick Drake Bryter Layter -
Nick Drake Fly -
Tim Farrell Joyride To Tranquility -
Stephen Fearing Black Silk Gown -
Ed Gerhard Good King Wenceslas -
Ed Gerhard Si Bhig -
Ed Gerhard Si Mhor -
Gordon Giltrap Melancholy Lullaby -
Michael Hedges Running Blind -
Patty Larkin Cranes -
Travis Meeks Face of the Earth -
Travis Meeks Freak -
Travis Meeks How Do You Know? -
Travis Meeks Shelf In The Room -
Joni Mitchell Free Man In Paris -
Kelly Joe Phelps Clementine -
Kelly Joe Phelps Taylor John -
Chris Proctor Adrenaline -
Chris Proctor Canyonlands -
Chris Proctor Coola Shores/The Glacier Lily -
Chris Proctor CPSM -
Chris Proctor Phillip's Whimsy -
Chris Proctor Runoff -
Chris Proctor Shea Beag Shea Mhor/The Coola Shores -
Chris Proctor Sleepytime -
Chris Proctor Stormwatch -
John Renbourn South Wind -
Don Ross 39 Weeks -
Don Ross Goby Fish -
Doug Smith South Rim -
Stephen Stills Black Queen -
Stephen Stills Bluebird -
David Wilcox You Should See the Way it Feels To Me -
Neil Young Cinnamon Girl -
Neil Young Ohio -

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