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Name: Dropped D Family: Dropped Root: D Voicing: 1-5-1-4-6-9

This is the simplest alternate tuning, and you can hardly call it an open tuning. You simply tune the low E-string down to D. It is very convenient when playing in the key of D, when it can become very frustrating that you cannot get the deep root in the bass if you are in standard tuning. The strings from low to high will be: D-A-D-G-B-E.

Close relatives are Double Dropped D, Dropped D dropped to C and Dropped D-G.

Dropped-D, as other dropped tunings are popular among rock guitarists. You have the 1-5-1 voicing on the bottom three strings, which makes up a power chord. With a dropped tuning you can play power chords with a one-finger barre over these three strings.

Recordings with the D-A-D-G-B-E tuning

Bryan Adams Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman? -
Laurindo Almeida Bad And The Beautiful -
Laurindo Almeida Intermezzo -
Laurindo Almeida Laura -
Laurindo Almeida Little Girl Blue -
Laurindo Almeida Mam'selle -
Laurindo Almeida Smoke Gets In Your Eyes -
Laurindo Almeida Sound Of Music -
Laurindo Almeida What Kind Of Fool Am I -
Muriel Anderson Rosalee -
Chet Atkins Czardas -
Chet Atkins David's Dance -
Chet Atkins Deck The Halls -
Chet Atkins Entertainer, The -
Chet Atkins Georgy Girl -
Chet Atkins Hark The Herald Angels Sing -
Chet Atkins I Feel Pretty -
Chet Atkins Little Drummer Boy -
Chet Atkins Little Music Box -
Chet Atkins Londonderry Air -
Chet Atkins My Little Waltz -
Chet Atkins Over The Rainbow -
Chet Atkins Scherzino Mexicano -
Chet Atkins Streets of Laredo -
Chet Atkins Stump Water -
Chet Atkins Sugar Bush -
Chet Atkins Tahitian Skies -
Chet Atkins Testament Of Amelia -
Chet Atkins Third Man Theme -
Chet Atkins Unchained Melody -
Chet Atkins Vincent (Starry, Starry Night) -
Seth Austen Coming Home -
Seth Austen Sunflowers -
Duck Baker Ace and Deuce of Pipering -
Duck Baker Alleghenny County -
Duck Baker Bachelor's Waltz, The -
Duck Baker Blackbird -
Duck Baker Blarney Pilgrim -
Duck Baker Blind Mary -
Duck Baker Bonny Bunch of Roses -
Duck Baker Callaghan's Hornpipe -
Duck Baker Carolans's Concerto -
Duck Baker Charles O'connor -
Duck Baker Chief O'Neill's favorite -
Duck Baker Come Under My Dimity -
Duck Baker Drunken Wagoner -
Duck Baker Ducks On The Pond -
Duck Baker Est Is Ein' Ros' Entsprungen -
Duck Baker Gusty's Frolics -
Duck Baker Humors of Whiskey -
Duck Baker I'm Not Turning Backward -
Duck Baker I've Endured -
Duck Baker Jenny Picking Cockles -
Duck Baker Keep It Under Your Heart -
Duck Baker Let All Earthly Flesh Keep Silent -
Duck Baker Little Boy -
Duck Baker March Of The King Of Laoise -
Duck Baker Midnight on the Water -
Duck Baker Miss McLeod's Reel -
Duck Baker Morgan Magan -
Duck Baker Night Time In Nevada -
Duck Baker O Come, O Come Immanuel -
Duck Baker O'Carolan's Concerto -
Duck Baker O'Hara's Cup -
Duck Baker Old World -
Duck Baker Planxty Irwin -
Duck Baker Planxty Irwin/Lark In The Morning -
Duck Baker Pretty Girl Milking A Cow -
Duck Baker Proudlock's Hornpipe -
Duck Baker Rakes of Waterloo -
Duck Baker Rakes Of Waterloo, The -
Duck Baker Rights Of Man -
Duck Baker Rights of Man -
Duck Baker Robinson County/Peacock Rag -
Duck Baker Sergeant Early's dream -
Duck Baker Sheebeg An Sheemore -
Duck Baker Sir Sidney Smith's March -
Duck Baker Soureba -
Duck Baker Southern Cross -
Duck Baker Swedish Jig -
Duck Baker Tintinyani -
Duck Baker West Wind, The/The Blackbird -
Duck Baker Wexford Carol, The -
Duck Baker What Is This Fragrance -
Duck Baker Wicklow Hornpipe -
The Band Jemina Surrender -
Carlos Barbosa-Lima Corcovado -
Carlos Barbosa-Lima Desifinado -
Carlos Barbosa-Lima Modhina -
Carlos Barbosa-Lima One-Note Samba -
Carlos Barbosa-Lima Rocky Road -
Carlos Barbosa-Lima Sing More -
Carlos Barbosa-Lima Stone Flower -
Carlos Barbosa-Lima This Happy Madness -
William Bay Jock O'Hazeldean -
The Beatles Dear Prudence -
Beck Loser -
Ton van Bergeyk American Beauty Rag -
Ton van Bergeyk Smokey Mokes -
Blondie One Way Or Another -
Luka Bloom Dreams in America -
Luka Bloom Rescue mission -
Bon Jovi Lay Your Hands On Me -
Ken Bonfield Coprophagic Smile -
Ken Bonfield Homage -
Ken Bonfield Mystic Morning -
Ken Bonfield Renaissance -
Rolly Brown Chapel Road -
Buffalo Springfield Pretty Girl Why -
Gregg Cagno Man Does Waltz -
Gregg Cagno River -
Gregg Cagno Thank You Tune -
Danny Carnahan Lord Inchiquin/Sugaree -
Bo Carter Policy Blues -
Johnny Cash I'm Leavin' Now -
Michael Chapdelaine Cowboy Waltz -
Paul Chasman Bears -
Paul Chasman Laurasmith White Mambazo -
Paul Chasman Lonesome Fiddler -
Eric Clapton Can't Find My Way Home -
Bruce Cockburn Bright Sky -
Bruce Cockburn Creation Dream -
Bruce Cockburn Deer Dancing Around A Broken Mirror -
Bruce Cockburn Long-Time Love Song -
Bruce Cockburn Wondering Where The Lions Are -
Ry Cooder FDR In Trinidad -
David Crosby Everybody's Been Burned -
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young Teach Your Children -
Guy Davis Long as You Get It Done -
Giovanni De Chiaro Canarios (G. Sanz) -
Alex de Grassi Bury Me Not -
Default Wasting My Time -
Ani DiFranco Crime For Crime -
Ani DiFranco Everest -
Ani DiFranco God's Country -
Ani DiFranco Make Me Stay -
Ani DiFranco So What -
Ani DiFranco Used to You -
Ani DiFranco Whole Night -
The Doors End -
Bob Dylan Blowin' in the Wind -
Bob Dylan Masters Of War -
Steve Earle Tennessee Blues -
Steven Eckles Hard Times Come Again No More -
Tommy Emmanuel Angelina -
John Fahey St.Louis Blues -
John Fahey When The Springtime Comes Again -
Fall Out Boy Thnks Fr Th Mmrs -
Stephen Fearing Coryanna -
Filter Take A Picture -
The Fleetwood Mac Chain -
The Fleetwood Mac Never Going Back Again -
Rick Foster Londonderry Air -
Jerry Garcia Dear Prudence -
Dick Gaughan City of Savannah / Ril Gan Ainm -
Dick Gaughan Earl of Errol -
Dick Gaughan Fair Flower of Northumberland -
Dick Gaughan Friar's Britches -
Dick Gaughan Maggie Lauder / The Earl's Chair -
Ed Gerhard If I Fell/In My Life: -
Ed Gerhard Malaika -
Ed Gerhard Maria Elena: -
Ed Gerhard Mighty Fortress Is Our God -
Ed Gerhard O Holy Night -
Ed Gerhard O Tannenbaum -
Ed Gerhard Postcard From Limbo -
Ed Gerhard Red Mountain Serenade -
Ed Gerhard Silent Night -
Ed Gerhard Water is Wide -
Ed Gerhard Willy O'Winsbury: 03 High string guitar
Godsmack Bad Religion -
Stefan Grossman County Line -
Stefan Grossman Tribute To Lonnie Johnson -
Stefan Grossman Yazoo Basin Boogie -
Ole Halen Rose In The Valley -
Todd Hallawell Leola Kay -
David Hamburger Little Sadie -
Michael Hedges Midwinter Night's Dream -
John Hiatt What Do We Do Now -
Lightnin' Hopkins Goin' Away -
Janis Ian This Train Still Runs -
Steve James Milwaukee Blues -
Bert Jansch Birthday Blues -
Bert Jansch Blackwaterside -
Bert Jansch Bright New Year -
Bert Jansch Nottamun Town -
Bert Jansch Oh, How Your Love Is Strong -
Bert Jansch Ramblin's Going To Be The Death Of Me -
Bert Jansch Reynardine -
Bert Jansch Smokey River -
Bert Jansch Soho -
Bert Jansch Tinker's Blues -
Jefferson Airplane Embryonic Journey -
Lasse Johansson Alligator Crawl -
Lonnie Johnson Bitin' Flea Blues -
Lonnie Johnson Blue Guitars -
Lonnie Johnson Cat You Been Messin' Aroun' 12-string
Lonnie Johnson Go Back To Your No Good Man 12-string
Lonnie Johnson I'm So Tired Of Living All Alone -
Lonnie Johnson Life Saver Blues -
Lonnie Johnson Love Story Blues -
Lonnie Johnson Mr. Johson's Blues -
Lonnie Johnson Stompin' 'Em Along Slow -
Lonnie Johnson Sweet Woman You Can't Go Wrong -
Lonnie Johnson To Do This, You Got To Know How -
Lonnie Johnson Uncle Ned Don't Use Your Head 12-string
Robert Johnson Drunken Hearted Man -
Robert Johnson Malted Milk -
Tommy Johnson Big Road Blues -
Tommy Johnson Canned Heat -
Buster Brad Jones Guitarville -
Buster Brad Jones Lefty -
Buster Brad Jones Three String Swing -
Laurence Juber Band on the Run -
Jorma Kaukonen Embryonic Journey -
Phil Keaggy Vision -
Pat Kirtley Battle Hymn of the Republic -
Leo Kottke Mona Ray -
Leo Kottke Three Quarter North -
David Laibman Last of Callahan -
Eddie Lang Blue Guitars -
Eddie Lang Guitar Blues -
Adrian Legg Anu -
Adrian Legg Nail Talk -
Lifehouse Hanging By The Moment -
Mance Lipscomb 'Bout a Spoonful -
Paul Lolax Jo Blues -
Paul Lolax No. 176 (O'Carolan) -
The Lost Prophets 4 A.M. Forever -
Woody Mann Top Hat -
Brownie McGhee Sportin' Life Blues -
Blind Willie McTell Statesboro Blues -
Blind Willie McTell Stole Rider Blues -
Travis Meeks Touch, Peel and Stand -
Joni Mitchell Brandy Eyes -
Joni Mitchell I Think I Understand -
Joni Mitchell Mister Blue -
Joni Mitchell Winter Lady -
Jorge Morel Brasilian Dance (Choro) -
Motley Cure Girls, Girls, Girls -
Nirvana All Apologies -
Ozzy Osbourne No More Tears -
Papa Roach Last Resort -
Larry Pattis Karla's Song -
Pearl Jam Garden -
Sid Percy Fairie Queen -
Ken Perlman Sonny's Mazurka -
Kelly Joe Phelps Flash Cards -
Bill Piburn Sentimentale -
Chris Proctor Fond Farewells -
Chris Proctor Jennifer Juniper -
Chris Proctor Make It Snappy -
Chuck Prophet After the Rain -
Puddle of the Mudd Control -
Rage Against the Machine Killing In The Name -
Ratt Lay It Down -
Preston Reed Accufuse -
Preston Reed Cane Bay -
Preston Reed Day at the Races -
Preston Reed Going Going Gone -
Preston Reed Gone But Not Forgotten -
Preston Reed If Only -
Preston Reed Straight to the Top -
John Renbourn Abide With Me -
John Renbourn Arc et Senans -
John Renbourn Bandora Lullaby -
John Renbourn Bransle de Bourgogne -
John Renbourn Bunyan's Hymn -
John Renbourn Courante -
John Renbourn Great Dreams From Heaven -
John Renbourn Hermit -
John Renbourn I Saw Three Ships -
John Renbourn Irish Ho-Hoane -
John Renbourn Just Like Me -
John Renbourn Lady Goes to Church -
John Renbourn Lady Nothynges Toye Puffe -
John Renbourn Lord Inchiquin -
John Renbourn Luke's Little Summer -
John Renbourn My Sweet Potato -
John Renbourn To Glastonbury -
John Renbourn Toy For Two Lutes -
Don Ross Big Buck -
Don Ross Fleetstep Choreography -
Don Ross Ginger and Fred -
Don Ross In the Bleak Midwinter -
Don Ross Is-Ought Controversy -
Don Ross June (capo 3) -
Don Ross New Aaron -
Don Ross Once in Royal David's City -
Chris Rosser Face The East -
Chris Rosser Heavy On Hope -
Chris Rosser Rest Your Weary Wings -
Peter Rowan Dust Bowl Children -
Joe Satriani Oriental Melody -
Shadows Fall Redemption -
Kenny Wayne Shepherd Blue On Black -
Martin Simpson Bogie's Bonny Belle -
Martin Simpson New Kitchen Blues -
Martin Simpson O'Hazeldean -
Martin Simpson Rosie Anderson -
Martin Simpson Shearing -
Martin Simpson Shearing's not for you -
Doug Smith Alone Again -
Doug Smith Beyond the Clouds (capo 2) -
Doug Smith Brian O'Lynn -
Doug Smith Bring a Torch, Jeanette, Isabelle -
Doug Smith Broken Waltz -
Doug Smith Cotton Candy -
Doug Smith Dance of the Gnomes -
Doug Smith Don't Let Go -
Doug Smith Homestead -
Doug Smith I Saw Three Ships (capo 2) -
Doug Smith Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring (capo 5) -
Doug Smith Joy to the World -
Doug Smith Nights in White Satin -
Doug Smith On the Boardwalk -
Doug Smith One Moody Day -
Doug Smith Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer -
Doug Smith Sunday Sonata -
Doug Smith Sunday Sunrise -
Doug Smith When the Walls Fell -
The Soggy Bottom Boys I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow -
Stanley Solow Long Island Expressway Blues -
Tim Sparks Beautiful City -
Carter Stanley I Am a Man of Constant Sorrow -
Sting If You Love Somebody Set Them Free -
Billy Talent Fallen Leaves -
Richard Thompson Beeswing -
Richard Thompson Dargai -
Richard Thompson Jenny Lind Polka -
Richard Thompson Poppy Leaf Hornpipe -
Richard Thompson Rakish Paddy -
Richard Thompson She Sang Angels to Rest -
Richard Thompson Strathspey -
Richard Thompson Turning of the Tide -
Dave van Ronk Blood Red Moon -
Dave van Ronk Green, Green, Rocky Road -
Dave van Ronk Kansas City Blues -
Velvet Revolver She Builds Quick Machines -
Wallflowers One Headlight -
Mike Whitehead Sweet Hour Of Prayer -
The Who Mobile -
Leo Wijnkamp jr. Golliwog!s Cakewalk -
Leo Wijnkamp jr. Pavane for the Sleeping Beauty -
Leo Wijnkamp jr. Return Of Dr. Hackenbush -
David Wilcox (You Were) Going Somewhere -
David Wilcox All the Roots Grow Deeper When It's Dry -
David Wilcox Common as the Rain -
David Wilcox Daddy's Money -
David Wilcox East Asheville Hardware -
David Wilcox Fearless Love -
David Wilcox For Real -
David Wilcox Hard Part -
David Wilcox Jamie's Secret -
David Wilcox Johnny's Camaro -
David Wilcox Last Chance Waltz -
David Wilcox Levi Blues -
David Wilcox Waffle House -
Wolfmother Joker And The Thief -
Andrew York Muir Woods -
Neil Young Harvest Moon -

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