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Name: DADGAD Family: Modal Root: D Voicing: 1-5-1-4-5-1

The famous DADGAD tuning is used by many Celtic-oriented guitarists and supports the keys of D, G and A. This tuning dates to the Sixties, and one of the first to use it was Davey Graham.

Recordings with the D-A-D-G-A-D tuning

Will Ackerman Moment, The -
Will Ackerman Wondering Again -
Seth Austen Country Life -
Seth Austen Global Village -
Seth Austen Obtuse Angles -
Duck Baker Nottamun Town -
Duck Baker Salutation/In Bethlehem Town/Lullay, Lullay -
Duck Baker Searching For Lambs -
Steve Baughman DADGAD Bass Runs -
Steve Baughman DADGAD Blues -
Steve Baughman DADGAD Textural Riff #1 -
Steve Baughman DADGAD Textural Riff #2 -
Pierre Bensusan Agadiramadan -
Pierre Bensusan Alimatou -
Pierre Bensusan Around The Day In Eighty Worlds -
Pierre Bensusan Au Jardin D'amour -
Pierre Bensusan Awali -
Pierre Bensusan Bamboule -
Pierre Bensusan Clementine,Mandarine Et Reine Cl -
Pierre Bensusan Climats Doux Et Temperes -
Pierre Bensusan Cunla -
Pierre Bensusan False Knight Upon The Road -
Pierre Bensusan Flamorgan Air -
Pierre Bensusan Flax In Bloom -
Pierre Bensusan Four A.M. -
Pierre Bensusan Giuges Irnaldaises -
Pierre Bensusan Hekimoglu/Digital (Turkish) -
Pierre Bensusan Heman Dubh -
Pierre Bensusan Jesu, Joy Of Man's Desiring -
Pierre Bensusan L'Alchimiste -
Pierre Bensusan L'effet Harpisant -
Pierre Bensusan La Danse Du Capricorne -
Pierre Bensusan La Femme Cambre -
Pierre Bensusan La Petite Et La Grande Colline -
Pierre Bensusan Last Pint -
Pierre Bensusan Le Moulin A Parfums D'emmanuelle -
Pierre Bensusan Le Voyage Pour L'irlande -
Pierre Bensusan Lord Hook of Cumbria -
Pierre Bensusan March Of The Lost Piper -
Pierre Bensusan Maurice Au Pays Des Merveilles -
Pierre Bensusan Merrily Kissed The Quaker (Kiss The Q) -
Pierre Bensusan Mille Vallees -
Pierre Bensusan Murtagh Mac Kann -
Pierre Bensusan Nefertari -
Pierre Bensusan Nice Feeling -
Pierre Bensusan Pure Drop -
Pierre Bensusan Rakkish Paddy -
Pierre Bensusan Return From Fingal -
Pierre Bensusan Return From Fingal [slett, erst av 2411] -
Pierre Bensusan Santa Monica -
Pierre Bensusan Sheebeg an Sheemor -
Pierre Bensusan Solilai -
Pierre Bensusan Suite Flamande Aux Pommes -
Pierre Bensusan Water Music -
Pierre Bensusan Wu Wei -
Luka Bloom Bad -
Luka Bloom Black is the colour -
Luka Bloom Blackberry time -
Luka Bloom Can't help falling in love -
Luka Bloom Ciara -
Luka Bloom Dancing Queen -
Luka Bloom Delirious -
Luka Bloom Diamond mountain -
Luka Bloom Exploring the blue -
Luka Bloom Gabriel -
Luka Bloom Here and now -
Luka Bloom Holy ground -
Luka Bloom Hudson lady -
Luka Bloom I did time -
Luka Bloom If I Were a Carpenter -
Luka Bloom Irishman in Chinatown -
Luka Bloom Keeper of the Flame -
Luka Bloom Love is a place I dream of -
Luka Bloom Make You Feel My Love -
Luka Bloom Mary watches everything -
Luka Bloom Monsoon -
Luka Bloom Moonslide -
Luka Bloom Natural Mystic -
Luka Bloom Perfect Groove -
Luka Bloom Rainbow day -
Luka Bloom Right here, right now -
Luka Bloom Second Skin -
Luka Bloom Shape of love to come -
Luka Bloom Throw Your Arms Around Me -
Luka Bloom True blue -
Luka Bloom Water ballerina -
Luka Bloom Wishing on a Star -
Ken Bonfield Angela's Ashes -
Ken Bonfield Mirage -
Ken Bonfield Requiem -
Ken Bonfield Steel String Surprise -
Ken Bonfield Sunday Morning -
Ken Bonfield Winter Into Spring -
Dan Ar Bras Ten Years Already -
Robin Bullock Banish Misfortune -
Robin Bullock Farewell to Craigie Dhu -
Robin Bullock For Ireland I'd Not Tell Her Name -
Robin Bullock Free Flight -
Robin Bullock Lost Hollow Lament -
Gregg Cagno Any Kind Of Love -
Gregg Cagno Black Horned Rims -
Gregg Cagno From Here -
Gregg Cagno Other Side Of Midnight -
Gregg Cagno Simple Things -
Gregg Cagno Simple Things -> A Gift to be Simple -
Larry Coryell Snow Prince -
Peppino D'Agostino Why Not -
Alex de Grassi Lay This Body Down -
Alex de Grassi Mirage -
Ani DiFranco Blood In The Boardroom -
Ani DiFranco If He Tries Anything - Second Version -
Ani DiFranco If It Isn't Her -
Ani DiFranco Little Plastic Castle - First Version -
Ani DiFranco Million You Never Made -
Ani DiFranco Sorry I Am -
Ani DiFranco To The Teeth -
Ani DiFranco What If No One's Watching -
Ani DiFranco Your Next Bold Move -
James Earp Twins -
Kenn Fox Bad Medicine -
Kenn Fox Sally in the Making -
Kenn Fox Visions of Lugh -
Beppe Gambetta On The Road With Mama -
Ed Gerhard Tennessee -
Ed Gerhard Tennessee -
Jim Goodin Celtic Overs -
Stefan Grossman Rights of Man -
Stefan Grossman Thunder On The Run -
Mark Hanson Twin Sisters -
Michael Hedges First Cutting -
Michael Hedges Peg Leg Speed King -
Michael Hedges Ragamuffin -
Julie Henigan Bill Sullivan's Polka -
Julie Henigan Coquelicot Waltz Julie Henigan -
Julie Henigan Faries' Hornpipe -
Julie Henigan Granemore Hare -
Julie Henigan Jessica's Polka -
Julie Henigan Kiss The Girls And Make Them Cry -
Julie Henigan My Darling Asleep -
Julie Henigan O, The Britches Full Of Stitches -
Julie Henigan Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore -
Julie Henigan Si Beag, Si Nor -
Julie Henigan Six-Penny Money -
Julie Henigan Stack Of Barley -
Julie Henigan Tall Man Of The Wood -
Pete Huttlinger Fields of Gold -
Pete Huttlinger McGuitars Landing -
Pete Huttlinger This So Sweat -
Bert Jansch Bright Sunny Morning -
Bert Jansch First Time Ever I Saw Your Face -
Bert Jansch Go Your Way My Love -
Bert Jansch Oh My Baby -
Bert Jansch St. Fiacre -
Bert Jansch Sylvie -
Bert Jansch Woman Like You -
Laurence Juber Any Place I Hang My Hat Is Home -
Laurence Juber Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea -
Laurence Juber Bob's Your Uncle -
Laurence Juber Breaking Point -
Laurence Juber Buffalo Nickel -
Laurence Juber Cannery Row -
Laurence Juber Catch! -
Laurence Juber Cobalt Blue -
Laurence Juber Come Rain or Come Shine -
Laurence Juber Coming Up -
Laurence Juber Every Night -
Laurence Juber For No One -
Laurence Juber Fountain Jumping -
Laurence Juber Here Comes the Sun -
Laurence Juber Holly And The Ivy -
Laurence Juber I Saw Her Standing There -
Laurence Juber I've Got the World On A String -
Laurence Juber If I Only Had a Brain -
Laurence Juber Jet -
Laurence Juber Jig Is Up -
Laurence Juber Let It Be -
Laurence Juber Liquid Amber -
Laurence Juber Love At First Sight -
Laurence Juber Maybe I'm Amazed -
Laurence Juber Mull of Kintyre -
Laurence Juber My Love -
Laurence Juber Omelette in Denver -
Laurence Juber Over the Rainbow -
Laurence Juber Pass The Buck -
Laurence Juber Pavane -
Laurence Juber Silly Love Songs -
Laurence Juber Strawberry Fields Forever -
Laurence Juber That Old Black Magic -
Laurence Juber Things We Said Today -
Laurence Juber While My Guitar Gently Weeps -
Laurence Juber White Pass Trail -
Laurence Juber With a Little Luck -
Laurence Juber Yesterday -
Laurence Juber You Can't Go Back -
Kaki King Ingots -
Pat Kirtley Amazing Grace -
Pat Kirtley Blarney Pilgrim -
Pat Kirtley Blind Mary -
Pat Kirtley Boys From Blue Hill -
Pat Kirtley Chase The Weasel -
Pat Kirtley Fanny Power -
Pat Kirtley Finn Maccool's Reel -
Pat Kirtley Last Pint -
Pat Kirtley Moran's return -
Pat Kirtley Morgan Magan -
Pat Kirtley Pretty Milkmaid -
Pat Kirtley Rakes of Waterloo -
Pat Kirtley Rodney's Glory -
Pat Kirtley Rural Life -
Pat Kirtley Sergant Early's Dream -
Pat Kirtley Shi Beg Shi Mhor -
Pat Kirtley Skye Boat Song -
Pat Kirtley South Wind -
Pat Kirtley Voyage for Ireland -
Led Zeppelin Black Mountain Side -
Led Zeppelin Kashmir -
Adrian Legg Coging's Glory -
Adrian Legg Tune For Derrol -
Adrian Legg Waltz for Leah -
Tom Long Banish Misfortune -
Tom Long Broken Pledge -
Tom Long Butterfly -
Tom Long Hardiman The Fiddler -
Tom Long Jenny Picking Cockles -
MacDhomnaill Mo Ghille Mear -
Rob MacKillop 'Sann an le ('Twas in Islay - I was born) \ -
Rob MacKillop Bodachan a' Mhrein (The little old man with the wee piece) -
Rob MacKillop Bridge of Tilt -
Rob MacKillop Ch mi na Mr-bheanna (I shall see the big bens) -
Rob MacKillop Crodh Chailein (Colin 's cattle) -
Rob MacKillop Dmhnall Beag an t-Sicair (Wee Donald with the sugar) -
Rob MacKillop Drops of Brandy -
Rob MacKillop Drover's Lads -
Rob MacKillop Dunnechan (Wee mannie) -
Rob MacKillop East Neuk of Fife -
Rob MacKillop Flowers of Edinburgh -
Rob MacKillop Harvest Home -
Rob MacKillop Hooly and Fairly -
Rob MacKillop Irish Girl -
Rob MacKillop Kissing is the best of a' -
Rob MacKillop Mac-a-Ph (MacPhee) -
Rob MacKillop Mrs L. Stewart's Reel - of the Island of Java -
Rob MacKillop Reel -
Rob MacKillop Sheiling in the Braes of Rannoch -
Rob MacKillop Tuireadh Iain Ruaidh (Lament for John Roy) -
Sara McLachland Hold On -
Tony McManus Old Bush -
El McMeen Blarney Pilgrim -
El McMeen Brian Boru's March -
El McMeen Humours Of Ballyloughlin -
El McMeen Irish Washerwoman -
Bill Mize Hard Times -
Bill Mize Silverplume Waltz -
Bill Mize Tender Explorations -
Eileen Niehouse Carolan's Draught -
Oasis Quick Peeper -
Al Petteway She Moved through the Faire -
Al Petteway Waltz For Rebecca -
Chris Proctor 704 -
Chris Proctor Beppe -
Chris Proctor Ohio -
Chris Proctor Ossana's Gift -
Chris Proctor Seven-Oh-four -
Preston Reed Train -
John Renbourn Lindsay -
John Renbourn Sandwood Down To Kyle -
John Renbourn Tramps and Hawkers -
Don Ross Au Jardin d'Amour -
Don Ross Catherine -
Don Ross Kehewin -
Don Ross Tierra Maya -
Chris Rosser Cherokee Ridge -
John Sherman Rascally Rabbit -
Martin Simpson Bright Morning Stars -
Martin Simpson Keel Row -
Martin Simpson Shepherd's Delight -
Martin Simpson Watch The Stars -
Doug Smith August 23rd -
Doug Smith Cascade Skyline (capo 2) -
Doug Smith Christmas in Killarney -
Doug Smith Hark the Hearld Angels Sing -
Doug Smith Millenium Force -
Doug Smith Mystic Morning -
Doug Smith Out of Darkness -
Doug Smith Renewal (capo 3) -
Doug Smith Riding the Vortex (capo2) -
Doug Smith Rose and the Pearl (capo2) -
Standard Planxty Charles Coote -
David Surette Bourree -
David Surette Coast to Coast -
Richard Thompson Banish Misfortune -
Richard Thompson Johnny's Fra Away -
Richard Thompson McCloud's Reel -
Jim Tozier Archibald McDonald of Keppoch -
Jim Tozier Blacksmith/Passion's Forge -
Jim Tozier Carolan's Cottage -
Jim Tozier Copper Waltz -
Jim Tozier Courtship -
Jim Tozier Dragonflies -
Jim Tozier Flower of Magherally -
Jim Tozier Frenchman Bay -
Jim Tozier Heather Island -
Jim Tozier Idyll Hours -
Jim Tozier Last Keeper -
Jim Tozier Monkeyshines -
Jim Tozier New York -
Jim Tozier Paddy O'Carroll -
Jim Tozier Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore/The Drums of Dawn -
Jim Tozier Planxty Irwin -
Jim Tozier Pretty Girl Milking a Cow -
Jim Tozier Rakes of Roscommon -
Jim Tozier Ride of the Red Knight -
Jim Tozier Rights of Man/Brian Boru's March -
Jim Tozier Rings -
Jim Tozier Riverwind -
Jim Tozier Rocks of Brae -
Jim Tozier Sheffield Shuffle -
Jim Tozier Skylight -
Jim Tozier Sleight of Hand/The Magician's Jig -
Jim Tozier Song for Shannon -
Jim Tozier Spatter the Dew -
Jim Tozier Star of the County Down -
Jim Tozier Such a Parcel of Rogues in a Nation -
Jim Tozier Tilting at Windmills -
Jim Tozier Train Station Blues -
Jim Tozier Trinity -
Train Death of Queen Jane -
Buzz Turner Canterbury Hill -
Buzz Turner Finally Home -
Buzz Turner Widow And The Storm -
David Wilcox After Your Orgasm -
David Wilcox Barbie -
David Wilcox Blow Em Away -
David Wilcox Breeze at Dawn -
David Wilcox Catch Me If I Try -
David Wilcox Dangerous -
David Wilcox Do I Dare -
David Wilcox Elephant Story -
David Wilcox Farther to Fall -
David Wilcox Good Man -
David Wilcox Language of the Heart -
David Wilcox Midnight -
David Wilcox On To the Next -
David Wilcox Out Beyond Ideas -
David Wilcox Out of the Question -
David Wilcox Prisoner of War -
David Wilcox Radio Men -
David Wilcox Same Shaker -
David Wilcox Spin -
David Wilcox Spirit Wind -
David Wilcox Step Into Your Skin -
David Wilcox Strong Chemistry -
David Wilcox Sunshine on the Land -
David Wilcox Underneath -
David Wilcox Western Ridge -
Brooks Williams Before Coffe -
Doug Young Down by the Salley Gardens -
Doug Young Octave Blues -

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DADGAD is rapidly gaining acceptance as the "other standard tuning". Tune your guitar to it and find out why!
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Scottish Traditional Music for Guitar
This tutorial collection contains 32 tunes for fingerstyle guitar--12 in open G and 20 in DADGAD tuning.
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Open Tuning Chord Chart
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An Open Tunings Christmas for Guitar Book/Cd Set
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Pierre Bensusan Presents Dadgad Guitar Book (CD Set)
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The Irish DADGAD Guitar Book (CD Edition)
Discover the quintessential Irish tonalities and hamonies of the DADGAD tuning system, and how to apply the tuning to all your solo and session playing.
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