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Guitar Chord Progressions - index

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On this page you find an overview over chord progressions. Here it is just an alphabetic list. You will find a more systematic approach to chord progressions in the chord progressions lessons series and discussion of some aspects of harmony and chord progressions in the theory lessons series.

I have chosen to include chord functions in the progression section. A major chord is a major chord, but it can play different roles in music. Chord functions is about the various roles a chord can have in an harmonic context (chord progression). You will find more on chords on a basic level in the chord section in the theory lessons, and a discussion on individual chords in the chord section (similar to this progression section).

If you choose a group of progressions, it will be a bit easier to navigate. But not all progressions are grouped (yet).

Blues * Major * Major - Three Chord * Minor * Chord (how a chord function in a context)
Ascending * Chord stream * Circle of fifth * Onion Shuffle * Power Chords * Modulation * Minor walk
Intro * Bridge * Ending * Turnaround * Substitution
Modal proogressions: * Dorian * Phrygian * Lydian * Mixolydian

More groups will be added to the list, but I have to do some sorting first ...

Minor Walk progressions

List all progressions

iii-iiiM7-I Minor walk - short Minor walk
m-m#5-m6-m7 Ascending Minor Walk Minor Walk
m-mM7-m7-m6 Minor walk Minor walk
m-mM7-m7-m6-mb6 Minor walk Minor walk
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Previous page: Why open tuning? Next page: Genres