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Progression - annotated:

IV - Major IV in minor key - Chord

Other Chord progressions

Recordings with the IV Major IV in minor key progression -

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The Beatles - Don't Bother Me -

From Alan W. Pollack's "Notes on "Don't Bother Me" " :

The minor iv chord is used in context of the chord-stream-like progression of the first two phrases where it fits in smoothly, and allows George to save that Dorian Major IV chord for expressive, surprise effect in the final phrase.

The Beatles - I Me Mine -

From Alan W. Pollack's Notes on "I Me Mine":

The verse harmony exploits the modal ambiguities of the alternative melodic/natural/harmonic minor scales, featuring both a Major IV in a minor key, as well as the progression from flat-VII to V with its much Beatles-favored cross relation. The Refrain uses the old blues trio of i, iv, V.

The Beatles - Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) -

From Alan W Pollack's Notes on "Norwegian Wood" :

The use of the Major IV chord in context of a minor key lends an antique, modal touch that resonates with the melodic flat 7th used in the verse hook. In context of the Beatles we're much more used to seeing the reverse trick of the *minor* iv chord in a Major key. In fact, the only other time we have seen this Major IV/minor key gambit used in a Beatles song was way back in George's "Don't Bother Me."

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