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Guitar Chord Progression:

Blues 8 Bar - 8 Bar Blues - Blues

Other Blues progressions

The 8-bar blues is another standard progression. The most well known song with this progression is probably Big Bill Broonzy's Key To The Highway. Other songs are Crow Jane and Sliding Delta.

The progression has two lines, with the following chord structure:

I V7 I V7

In E this will be:

E B7 A(7) A(7)
E B7 E B7

In A, another favorite key for this progression, it will be:

A E7 D(7) D(7)
A E7 A E7

If you go to the 8-bar blues lessonin my Blues Guitar Series you will find some typical arrangements of this progressions in the keys E and A.

Backing Tracks

Backing Track B8
These are MIDI backing tracks of 8-bar Blues. For more information, go to lesson on bluesprogression in the chord progression series.
They are in 8 keys and three tempos (65, 90 and 120). Use them to get the sound of the cords, and as backing tracks. They are long 10-15 minutes, which makes them boring as listening track, but good for practise. Download all files as a zip-file.
65 very slow C D Eb E F G A Bb
90 Slow C D Eb E F G A Bb
120 Medium C D Eb E F G A Bb

Recordings with the Blues 8 Bar 8 Bar Blues progression - Annotaded

  • Big Bill Broonzy - Key To The Highway -
  • Big Bill Broonzy - Mississippi River Blues -
  • Eric Clapton - Come Back Baby -
  • Eric Clapton - Key To The Highway -
  • Stefan Grossman - Crow Jane -
  • Mississippi John Hurt - Sliding Delta -
  • Skip James - Crow Jane -
  • Furry Lewis - Dryland Blues -

  • Books covering the progression -

    More >>
    8-Bar Blues
    Although the term 12-bar is usually the first form one thinks of when hearing the word blues, a surprising number of songs make use of another popular form: the 8-bar. This book/CD pack is solely devoted to providing you with all the technical tools necessary for playing 8-bar blues with authority. Includes: a CD with 44 full-band tracks; a history of the 8-bar blues form; instruction on boogie, shuffle, and jazz-blues progressions, including minor keys; rhythm patterns and solos; and much more.
    RefNr: HL695970
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