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Guitar Chord Progression:

IIIb - Flat Third - Chord

Other Chord progressions

You should also look at the progressions that include the IIIb chord. In minor progressions, the IIIb is a diatonic chord.

In a major setting the IIIb is a non-diatonic chord. As the major third is the note that defines a scale as major, you will get a hamonic ambiguity when you build a chord on the minor third. You find it in the progressions I have grouped under the name "Onion Shuffle":

Recordings with the IIIb Flat Third progression - Annotaded

  • The Beatles - Baby You're A Rich Man -
  • The Beatles - Back In the USSR -
  • The Beatles - Birthday -
  • The Beatles - Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey -
  • The Beatles - Here, There And Everywhere -
  • The Beatles - Hold Me Tight -
  • The Beatles - Magical Mystery Tour -
  • The Beatles - Please Please Me -
  • The Beatles - Taxman -
  • The Beatles - Think For Yourself -
  • The Beatles - Yer Blues -
  • Eric Clapton - Tales of Brave Ulysses -

  • Books covering the progression -

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