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Guitar Chord Progression:

I-II-V - Lydian - Lydian

Other Lydian progressions

The II major chord is the chord that indicates the Lydian mode. But it could also be a modulation to the dominant key (the V-key), where the II-chord is a "V of V" chord. If it is a II7 and not a II, it is likely that it is a "V of V" chord, as in the I-II7-V7 progression. If we start with the Key of C-major, the I-II-V chords will be C, D and G. The dominant key of C is G, and the basic chords of G is G, Cand D, ad I, IV and V. The II chord is often played as a 7th chord, meaning that it leads even more to the dominant key. But leave the theory - just listen to the chords.


The Beatles

All You Need Is Love (chorus)

The chorus of All You Need Is Love starts with the chords G-A7-D7, which gives the I-II7-V7 progression. This is repeated, before it goes to G-B7-Em-Cmaj7-D7. It goes via the key E-minor back to G.

Recordings with the I-II-V Lydian progression - Annotaded

  • The Beatles - I Want To Tell You -

  • Books covering the progression -

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