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Unsettled Major / relative minor

Unsettled Major / relative minor Name:

From Alan W Pollack's "Notes on Things We Said Today":

Beyond a point it becomes difficult to draw the clear line between what I'm labeling as "pervasively" minor songs and those in the "just a hint of the minor mode" category. For example, you might say that Not A Second Time and "All I've Got To Do" more properly belong in the same class since they both are based on the I and vi chords. But the critical distinction for me between these two songs rests on the *ordering* of the I and vi chords.

"Not A Second Time" is characterized by I moving *to* vi. "All I've Got To Do" is the other way around; it moves *from* vi *to* I. To my ears the chord that is the "destination" or "target" has a tendency to assert itself. Hard to know for sure if this is a valid distinction rather than a rationalized inconsistency.

Recordings with Unsettled Major / relative minor modulation

  • The Beatles - All I've Got to Do -
  • The Beatles - All My Loving -
  • The Beatles - All You Need is Love -
  • The Beatles - And I Love Her -
  • The Beatles - Anna (Go With Him) -
  • The Beatles - Baby It's You -
  • The Beatles - Blackbird -
  • The Beatles - Can't Buy Me Love -
  • The Beatles - Carry That Weight -
  • The Beatles - Continuing Story of Bunglaow Bill -
  • The Beatles - From Me To You -
  • The Beatles - Girl -
  • The Beatles - Long and Winding Road -
  • The Beatles - Not A Second Time -
  • The Beatles - Things We Said Today -
  • The Beatles - Wait -
  • The Beatles - Your Mother Should Know -
  • Eric Clapton - Heaven is One Step Away -
  • Eric Clapton - Sign Language -
  • Mr. Big - To Be With You -
  • Simon & Garfunkel - American Tune -
  • Steely Dan - Kid Charlemagne -
  • Neil Young - Heart Of Gold -
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