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Lessons of the Week

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Lessons of The Week was a series of guitar lessons circulated in "News", in the pre-web days of the Internet. 29 lessons were written before it died out, and I happende to write the first three. They represent a little bit of internet history, as they may have been the first guitar lessons written for the internet.

The lessons were all written in txt format - they were written around the same time as Tim Berners Lee were sitting in Switzerland specifing the first version of html. I have converted them to html, and may have added a few links from the lessons.

Basic Blues Guitar

Three lessons on Basic blues-guitar:

I recommend my new series on Blues Guitar

I keep this page because it contain some of the first on-line lessons on the net - (it was pre-WWW). But my new series is better and more comprehensive.

Some years ago, a person, I have forgotten his name, started a series called Guitar lesson of the week on the net. The lessons was distributed as e-mail to subscriber, and was archived on some FTP site. I wrote the first three lessons about Basic blues-guitar. In total, 29 lessons was written by various authors before the project died.

I have reformatted my own lessons to HTML documents, and has madethe rest of the lessons available as TXT documents.

The main reason for keepingthe old lessons, at least my own, is that they represents a little bit ofInternet history. They were probably the first on-line guitar lessons, and Ihappened to write the first three. To be historically correct, I have decided to include the original TXT versions of my lessons, besides the HTML versions (that has been revised).

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Previous page: Guitar lessons Next page: Basic Blues