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When I searched for material for this web-page, I was overwhelmed by all that is available. I did not expect that much. When I learned to play slide, I had the book by Arlene Roth (it now comes with a CD, which it did not at my time), and a cassette series he had made (both are still available), and Stefan Grossman had some slide tunes in his material.

What will I then recommend? To start at the other end: A collection of transcriptions of slide tunes will do you no good, unless you already have mastered the basic technique and will expand your repertoire. You must learn the subtleties of the basic technique, and you will not get that from transcriptions. But you have to make a first choice: Do you want a book with recorded examples, audio lessons with printed material or video? In my opinion, books are not the best choice for a beginner. I prefer audio lessons, which in their modern form tend to be a book with not too many pages, and 2 or 3 CDs. Then you can listen to the details, and not only read about them. For slide guitar, video might be worth considering, as the instruction can show you what to do. Many of the finer aspects of slide playing is hard to explain, but not to difficult to understand when you see what is going on.

I have found only one CD-based audio lesson, made by Fred Sokolow. He is a good instructor. I do not know this particular set, but it should be worth a try. From the description and the repertoire covered, it seems that it is a series that start in the Delta, and move toward more modern electric slide guitar. If this is the direction you want to go, it should be a good choice. Personally I would have preferred an audio series focusing more on acoustic slide playing, but I have not been able to find one.

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