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Scottish Traditional Music for Guitar

This tutorial collection contains 32 tunes for fingerstyle guitar--12 in open G and 20 in DADGAD tuning.
Level: , 68 pages
RefNr: MB99357
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Format: Transcription (TAB) Medium: Book (paperback)
Series: Publisher: Mel Bay

Artist: Rob MacKillop

This tutorial collection contains 32 tunes for fingerstyle guitar--12 in open G and 20 in DADGAD tuning. The music was selected from the 17th century lute manuscripts, 18th and 19th century Scottish instrumental collections, the Gaelic tradition, and traditional sources. The book's three sections--Historical Perspective, Beginner's Guide, and Technical guitar, tuning the instrument, basic technique and hand coordination, musical notation, ligados, scales and modes, ornamentation and right-hand fingering. Written in standard notation and tablature with fingering indications for both hands and performance notes providing volume, with its exploration of open and altered tunings uniquely appropriate for the Scottish tradition, will provide guitarists with new creative options and repertoire.

Mrs. L. Stewart's Reel- Of The Island Of Java Arr Rob Mackillop
Mary, Young And Fair Arr Rob Mackillop
Rory Dall's Port Arr Rob Mackillop
The Black Sands Arr Rob Mackillop
The Bridge Of Tilt Arr Rob Mackillop
The Drover's Lads Arr Rob Mackillop
The East Neuk Of Fife Arr Rob Mackillop
Corne Yairds Arr Rob Mackillop
Chi Mi Na Mor-Bheanna Arr Rob Mackillop
Dunnechan Arr Rob Mackillop
Generall Lellys Godnight Arr Rob Mackillop
The Flowers Of Edinburgh Arr Rob Mackillop
The Shieling In The Braes Of Rannoch Arr Rob Mackillop
Tuireadh Iain Ruaidh Arr Rob Mackillop
Blew Ribben Arr Rob Mackillop
Bodachan A' Mhirein Arr Rob Mackillop
The Irish Girl Arr Rob Mackillop
Crodh Chailein Arr Rob Mackillop
Harvest Home Arr Rob Mackillop
Hooly And Fairly Arr Rob Mackillop
Sann An Ile Arr Rob Mackillop
The Lady Binnis Lilt Arr Rob Mackillop
The Flowers Of The Forest Arr Rob Mackillop
Who Will Dandle My Mary Arr Rob Mackillop
Domhnall Beag An T-Siucair Arr Rob Mackillop
Drops Of Brandy Arr Rob Mackillop
I Will Not Goe To My Bed Till I Suld Die Arr Rob Mackillop
Kissing Is The Best Of A' Arr Rob Mackillop
A Reel Arr Rob Mackillop
Mac-A-Ohi Arr Rob Mackillop
Milne's Lilt Arr Rob Mackillop

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'Sann an le ('Twas in Islay - I was born) \ Rob MacKillop -
Air Rob MacKillop -
The Black Sands Rob MacKillop -
Blew Ribben Rob MacKillop -
Bodachan a' Mhrein (The little old man with the wee piece) Rob MacKillop -
The Bridge of Tilt Rob MacKillop -
Ch mi na Mr-bheanna (I shall see the big bens) Rob MacKillop -
Corne Yairds Rob MacKillop -
Crodh Chailein (Colin 's cattle) Rob MacKillop -
Dmhnall Beag an t-Sicair (Wee Donald with the sugar) Rob MacKillop -
Drops of Brandy Rob MacKillop -
The Drover's Lads Rob MacKillop -
Dunnechan (Wee mannie) Rob MacKillop -
The East Neuk of Fife Rob MacKillop -
The Flowers of Edinburgh Rob MacKillop -
The Flowers of the Forest Rob MacKillop -
Generall Lellys Godnight Rob MacKillop -
Harvest Home Rob MacKillop -
Hooly and Fairly Rob MacKillop -
I will not goe to my bed till I suld die Rob MacKillop -
The Irish Girl Rob MacKillop -
Kissing is the best of a' Rob MacKillop -
Mac-a-Ph (MacPhee) Rob MacKillop -
Mary, young and fair Rob MacKillop -
Milne's Lilt Rob MacKillop -
Mrs L. Stewart's Reel - of the Island of Java Rob MacKillop -
My Lady Binnis Lilt Rob MacKillop -
A Reel Rob MacKillop -
Rory Dall's Port Rob MacKillop -
The Sheiling in the Braes of Rannoch Rob MacKillop -
Tuireadh Iain Ruaidh (Lament for John Roy) Rob MacKillop -
Who will dandle my Mary Rob MacKillop -

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