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Acoustic Blues Guitar - A Beginner's Guide

Learn to play dozens of songs, licks and exciting fingerpicking techniques in the styles of the great blues players, even if you have never played blues before.
Level: , 26 pages
RefNr: HT641703
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Written by: Happy Traum

Format: Method Medium: Book/3CD
Series: Publisher: Homespun Tapes
Genre: * | Blues - Acoustic | * | Acoustic - Blues | * | Blues - Beginning |

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Book of the Month 2005-01

January 2005 - Happy Traum: Blues Guitar

Back in the 70s, I was struggling with my guitar playing. The music I wanted to play was acoustic blues. I had some of the sounds in my head, but was not able to figure out how to play it.

I learned a lot of blues tunes from books, and became a clever picker. But I was not able to break away from the songs and play my own blues. Learning a new song would add a new song to the repertoire, but it did not make me a better blues guitarist.

Then I bought a series on Blues Guitar by Happy Traum, issued on six cassettes by his Homespun Tapes enterprise. It was a turning point for me as a player, and this series was extremly important for my develoment as a guitar player. In this series, Happy Traum did not focus on teaching tunes, but on the basics of blues playing. It gave me the foundation I until then had been missing.

These days I will not recommend any series on cassettes – it is the medium of the day before yesterday. But now this series has been reissued on CDs, and it is time to pay tribute to Happy Traum and feature this series that has been so important to me. I did not only learn basic blues playing from this seires by Happy Traum, it also taught me a lot on how to teach blues guitar. The blues lessons on this site is very much based on what I learned from Happy Traum.

The series start with the structure of the basic 12-bar blues. Then you will go through turnarounds and fill-ins. When you have this down, then you are ready to play the blues. You have the structure, and you can add new elements as you learn them.

The series is mainly on acoustic, fingerstyle blues guitar. But you get a little bit of lead playing too. And what is most important: It gives you a plattform to build on.

Happy Traum: Blues Guitar

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