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The Beatles Guitar

This unique publication contains 52 favorite Beatles songs arranged exclusively for the guitar.
Level: , 208 pages
RefNr: HL696088
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The playing of: The Beatles

Format: Method Medium: Book (paperback)
Series: Publisher: Hal Leonard

This unique publication contains 52 favorite Beatles songs arranged exclusively for the guitar. It is designed to provide an accurate look into the lead and rhythm guitar styles of George Harrison and John Lennon. Instead of providing transcriptions of the guitars off the record, these arrangements use the musical elements of the bass, drums, keyboards and guitars all incorporated into one guitar so that they can be played alone or in a band. Written in tablature, this book also provides numbers, strums, accents and picking patterns for those who do not read music.

Songs - Compositions - Recordings
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The Beatles All My Loving -
The Beatles Anytime At All -
The Beatles Baby You're A Rich Man -
The Beatles Back In the USSR -
The Beatles Blackbird -
The Beatles Can't Buy Me Love -
The Beatles Carry That Weight -
The Beatles Come Together -
The Beatles Day Tripper -
The Beatles Dear Prudence -
The Beatles Eight days a week -
The Beatles Eleanor Rigby -
The Beatles Fixing a hole -
The Beatles Getting Better -
The Beatles Girl -
The Beatles Good Day Sunshine -
The Beatles Good Morning Good Morning -
The Beatles A Hard Day's Night -
The Beatles Hello, goodbye -
The Beatles Help -
The Beatles Hey Jude -
The Beatles Hold Me Tight -
The Beatles I feel fine -
The Beatles I Should Have Known Better -
The Beatles I Will -
The Beatles I'll Cry Instead -
The Beatles I'm a Looser -
The Beatles I'm Happy Just To Dance With You -
The Beatles I'm Looking Through You -
The Beatles I'm So Tired -
The Beatles It won't Be Long -
The Beatles It's Only Love -
The Beatles Julia -
The Beatles Lady Madonna -
The Beatles Little Child -
The Beatles Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds -
The Beatles Michelle -
The Beatles No Reply -
The Beatles Paperback writer -
The Beatles Run For Your Life -
The Beatles She Came In Through The Bathroom Window -
The Beatles She's A Woman -
The Beatles Tell Me Why -
The Beatles Ticket to ride -
The Beatles We can work it out -
The Beatles Why Don't We Do It In The Road -
The Beatles With a Little Help from My Friends -
The Beatles You Can't Do That -
The Beatles You Never Give Me Your Money -
The Beatles You Won't See Me -
The Beatles You're Going To Lose That Girl -
The Beatles Your Mother Should Know -

Book of the Month 2002-09

Guitar Book of the Month - September 2002

We all know the frustrating feeling of not having a band when we are trying to learn some of the playing of our favorites. The licks that sound good in a band context, does not work when we sit on our own with the guitar. We can of course get us some play-a-long sets, but that is not always the solution.

If you want to play The Beatles' songs and have them sound somewhat similar to the original, but do not have a second guitarist, bass and drums around, then the book Beatles Guitar is for you. The basic concept is to make arrangement for one guitar, based on the full band-arrangement. We get the signature licks from guitars, bass etc. built into the various arrangements. They might be simplified, and they might have been transposed an octave down. But you get the essence.

In some of The Beatles' songs, like Eleanor Rigby and Hey Jude, the guitar has no prominent role, if any role at all. But also for these songs, they have managed to make very "original sounding" guitar arrangements.

I do not always agree with how the authors solved the challenge. As an example, I would have incorporated more of the typical bass-line in Lady Madonna, and I do not understand why the opening chord of A Hard Day's Night is not included in the arrangement of the song. But as all the songs are in the original key, it is not too difficult to include some of the original licks, and leave out some others if necessary. The arrangement gives the basis, and you can build upon it. If you happen to have someone to play with, you can cut loose from the arrangements in Beatles Guitar, and include more from the original playing of The Beatles – or better: Include some of your own licks.

For some strange reason, them name(s) of the author(s) is not given anywhere. It might be 52 different persons who made the 52 arrangements, or all might have been done by the same person. The book does not give any clue. The author(s) have done a piece of work they should be proud of, so they should have given the credit to the one(s) who deserves it.

If you want references to the originals, The Complete Score is a good investment – I think this is a book everyone should have, despite some inaccuracies.

If you want more on the guitar playing of The Beatles, I would recommend the three volumes in the Signature Licks series. Which one to choose – or to start with – depends on which songs you would like to study.

Beatles Guitar - included songs

All My Loving
Anytime At All
Baby You're A Rich Man
Back In The U.S.S.R.
Can't Buy Me Love
Carry That Weight
Come Together
Day Tripper
Dear Prudence
Eight Days A Week
Eleanor Rigby
Fixing A Hole
Getting Better
Good Day Sunshine
Good Morning Good Morning
A Hard Day's Night
Hello, Goodbye
Hey Jude
Hold Me Tight
I Feel Fine
I Should Have Known Better
I'll Cry Instead * I'm A Loser
I'm Happy Just To Dance With You * I'm Looking Through You
I'm So Tired
It Won't Be Long
Lady Madonna
Little Child
Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
No Reply
Paperback Writer
Run For Your Life
She Came In Through The Bathroom Window
She's A Woman
Ticket To Ride
We Can Work It Out
Why Don't We Do It In The Road
With A Little Help From My Friends
You Can't Do That
You Never Give Me Your Money
You Won't See Me
You're Going To Lose That Girl
Your Mother Should Know
Tell Me Why
It's Only Love
I Will

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