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Blarney Pilgrim - Celtic Fingerstyle Guitar Solos

Level: , 72 pages
RefNr: MB97242BCD
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Written by: Stefan Grossman

Format: Transcription (TAB) Medium: Book/CD
Series: Publisher: Media Concepts
Genre: * | Celtic - General | * | Open/Alternate Tuning - General | * | Fingerstyle - Celtic |

Staff notation and tablature. At head of title: Mel Bay presents. Featuring arrangements by Pat Kirtley, Martin Simpson, Steve Baughman, Duck Baker, Pierre Bensusan, Tomy Long and El McMeen. Introduction by Pat Kirtley. Accompanying CD album performed by Stefan Grossman; the video of this program features performances by the original artists. Planxty Irwin ; Rodney's glory / Pat Kirtley -- Rosie Anderson ; The shearing's not for you ; Bogie's bonny belle / Martin Simpson -- Bill Malley's barndance ; Fanny Power / Steve Baughman -- The Blarney pilgrim ; The rakes of Waterloo ; Sergeant Early's dream ; Chief O'Neill's favorite ; Miss Forbes farewell ; Poll halfpenny / Duck Baker -- The pure drop ; The flax in bloom ; Sheebeg an Sheemor ; Heman Dubh / Pierre Bensusan -- Jenny Picking Cockles ; The broken pledge / Tom Long -- Moran's return ; South wind / Pat Kirtley -- Jock O'Hazeldean ; The castle of Dromore ; Carolan's farewell to music / El McMeen.

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Duck Baker The Blarney Pilgrim -
Duck Baker Chief O'Neill's favorite -
Duck Baker Miss Forbes farewell -
Duck Baker Poll halfpenny -
Duck Baker The Rakes of Waterloo -
Duck Baker Sergeant Early's dream -
Steve Baughman Bill Malley's barndance -
Steve Baughman Fanny Power -
Pierre Bensusan The Flax In Bloom -
Pierre Bensusan Heman Dubh -
Pierre Bensusan Heman Dubh [slett, til 2419] -
Pierre Bensusan The Pure Drop -
Pierre Bensusan Sheebeg an Sheemor -
Pat Kirtley Moran's return -
Pat Kirtley Planxty Irwin -
Pat Kirtley Rodney's Glory -
Pat Kirtley The South Wind -
Tom Long The Broken Pledge -
Tom Long Jenny Picking Cockles -
El McMeen Carolan's Farewell To Music -
El McMeen The Castle of Dromore -
El McMeen Jock O'Hazeldean -
Martin Simpson Bogie's Bonny Belle -
Martin Simpson Bogie's bonny belle [Slett erstattes av 10701] -
Martin Simpson Rosie Anderson -
Martin Simpson The Shearing's not for you -

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