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Chord Workbook for Guitar: Chords and Chord Progressions, Vol. 1

This book is an excellent learning tool for both the beginner who has no knowledge of music theory, and the advanced student looking for the typical chord voicings a professional guitarist should know. Includes an extensive chord progressions section.
Level: , 176 pages
RefNr: 1890944505
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Written by: Bruce B Arnold

Format: Method Medium: Book (paperback)
Genre: * | Chords - General | * | Chords - Progressions |

From the Publisher
We are very excited about Mr. Arnold's Workbook series. The feedback we have received has validated our instincts that the books are a long-needed breakthrough in music education. Mr. Arnold has culled from his many years of teaching both privately and on the university level, and has provided information and teaching approaches which have never been presented in quite this way. The serious student will find the books to be a real "Rosetta Stone" for music theory and its application, while the professional musician will find them to be compendiums of valuable information and lifelong companions in the voyage of musical discovery.

We are also excited about the comping styles books which take the progressions examined in the Chord Workbooks and teach a student how to play them in a blues, jazz and funk style.

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