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D-A-D-F#-A-D - Open D - Vestapol
D-G-D-G-B-D - Open G - Spanish
C-G-C-G-C-E - Open C
D-A-D-G-B-E - Dropped D




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Fingerstyle & Slide Guitar in Open Tunings

Three lessons on three CDs with a book. Lesson three is on slide, the others on fingerpicking in Open tuning
Level: 0, pages
RefNr: SG99801BCD
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Written by: John Fahey

Format: Method Medium: Book/3CD
Series: Stefan Grossman Guitar Workshop - AudioPublisher: Grossman's Guitar Workshop
Genre: * | Blues - Country | * | Fingerstyle - Blues |

John Fahey was a pioneer in composing and arranging guitar solos in open tunings. In this lesson series for the intermediate guitarist, John teaches a wide variety of techniques, musical textures and styles. The book includes the notation and tablature for the lessons plus 3 compact discs featuring phrase-by-phrase instruction.

LESSON ONE: Open G tuning: On the Sunny Side of the Ocean, Spanish Two Step and It Came Upon A Midnight Clear. St.Louis Blues played in a dropped D tuning.

LESSON TWO: In this lesson John explores the possibilities of playing in an open C tuning. The Union Pacific has a distinct blues quality, Requiem For John Hurt has an "Eastern" feel. Simplicity often creates beauty and John does this with his version of Auld Lang Syne.

LESSON THREE: This lesson concentrates on John's slide guitar playing. Steamboat Gwine Round The Bend played in open G demonstrating many of John's unique technical ideas. The Christmas carol Silent Night is presented in the slide style. John's popular arrangement of Poor Boy A Long Way From Home played in open D tuning finishes the series.


  • On the Sunny Side of the Ocean John Fahey
  • Spanish Two Step John Fahey
  • It Came Upon a Midnight Clear arr. by John Fahey
  • St. Louis Blues Traditional, arranged and adapted by John Fahey
  • The Union Pacific John Fahey
  • Requiem for John Hurt John Fahey
  • Auld Lang Syne Traditional, arr. by John Fahey
  • Steamboat Gwine 'Round the Bend John Fahey
  • Silent Night, Holy Night adapted by John Fahey
  • Poor Boy a Long Way from Home Booker White and John Fahey
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    John Fahey Auld Lang Syne -
    John Fahey It Came Upon A Midnight Clear -
    John Fahey On The Sunny Side Of The Ocean -
    John Fahey Poor Boy A Long Ways From Home -
    John Fahey Requiem for John Hurt -
    John Fahey Round the Bend -
    John Fahey Silent Night -
    John Fahey Spanish Two-Step -
    John Fahey St.Louis Blues -
    John Fahey Steamboat Gwine -
    John Fahey The Union Pacific -

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