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Get It Licked: Play The Blues 3CD Box

Over 3 hours of blues tracks covering all aspects of the genre, including playing tips and notes on the history of blues guitar.
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RefNr: GIL01
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Written by: Michael Messer

Format: Play-A-Long Medium: CD
Genre: * | Blues - General |

Ever wanted to play along with a world class blues band in the comfort of your own living room? Well now you can do just that! With PLAY THE BLUES you can put one of the three CDs in your CD player, pick up your guitar and PLAY THE BLUES! This exceptional & versatile album can be used for fun, for practice or as an aid for music teachers. Learn some words and a guitar part and entertain your friends, or just pick up your guitar when you come home from work in the evening and PLAY THE BLUES! Each the 26 tracks on PLAY THE BLUES has been recorded to sound like an authentic blues recording from its respective period in history. Authentic vintage instruments and recording techniques were used to really get that classic blues sound, which so often gets lost in modern recordings. The music has been mixed in an intimate way to give you the feeling of being in the same room as the band. Each track is indexed as two tracks - the first is a one or two verse version with a demonstration lead guitar solo as an example of the style in which you can play blues guitar with that particular track. Then you get the full version (without our lead guitarist) to play along with. The tracks vary in length from 5 to 10 minutes, allowing you, the guitarist, to really stretch out and PLAY THE BLUES with the band.

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