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Complete Celtic Fingerstyle Guitar

The ancient Celtic repertoire offers the fingerstyle guitarist a tantalizingly wide range of moods and emotions from sad laments to lyrical ballads to vibrant dance rhythms.
Level: 0, 224 pages
RefNr: MB95217BCD
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Written by: Duck Baker

Written by: Stefan Grossman

Written by: El McMeen

Format: Transcription (TAB) Medium: Book/CD
Series: Mel Bay Complete SeriesPublisher: Mel Bay
Genre: * | Celtic - General | * | Fingerstyle - General | * | Open/Alternate Tuning - General | * | Fingerstyle - Celtic |

About Complete Celtic Fingerstyle Guitar By Stefan Grossman, Duck Baker and El McMeen. For Guitar (Fingerpicking). Solos. Complete. Celtic/Irish. Level: Multiple Levels. Book/CD Set. Size 9.5x11.75. 244 pages. Published by Mel Bay Publications, Inc. (95217BCD) The ancient Celtic repertoire offers the fingerstyle guitarist a tantalizingly wide range of moods and emotions from sad laments to lyrical ballads to vibrant dance rhythms. This collection presents a vast array of fingerpicking guitar solos settings on timeless airs, hornpipes, reels, planxties, set dances, jigs, slip jigs, marches, songs and compositions by the renowned 17th century blind Irish bard, Turlough O'Carolan. The solos are in varied guitar tunings and are presented in notation and tablature. Performance notes and suggested listening guides are also included. ***27 songs from this book are on the CD.

Songs - Compositions - Recordings
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Duck Baker The Ace and Deuce of Pipering -
Duck Baker Bantry Bay -
Duck Baker The Blackbird -
Duck Baker The Blarney Pilgrim -
Duck Baker Blind Mary -
Duck Baker The Bonny Bunch of Roses -
Duck Baker The Boys of Ballisodare -
Duck Baker Bridget Cruise -
Duck Baker Callaghan's Hornpipe -
Duck Baker Carolan's Quarrel With The Landlady -
Duck Baker Carolans's Concerto -
Duck Baker Charles O'connor -
Duck Baker Chief O'Neill's favorite -
Duck Baker Come Under My Dimity -
Duck Baker The Duke Of Fife's Welcome To Deeside -
Duck Baker Elsie Marley -
Duck Baker The Faerie Queen -
Duck Baker The Golden Keyboard -
Duck Baker Green Fields of America -
Duck Baker Gusty's Frolics -
Duck Baker The Humors of Whiskey -
Duck Baker Jenny Picking Cockles -
Duck Baker The Kid On The Mountain -
Duck Baker The March Of The King Of Laoise -
Duck Baker Morgan Magan -
Duck Baker O'Hara's Cup -
Duck Baker Planxty Hewlett -
Duck Baker Planxty Irwin -
Duck Baker Planxty Kelley -
Duck Baker Pretty Girl Milking A Cow -
Duck Baker Proudlock's Hornpipe -
Duck Baker The Rights Of Man -
Duck Baker Sheebeg An Sheemore -
Duck Baker Sir Sidney Smith's March -
Duck Baker Swedish Jig -
Duck Baker Temperance Reel -
Duck Baker The Wicklow Hornpipe -
Dave Evans Morgan Magan -
Dave Evans Sheebeg An Sheemore -
Stefan Grossman The Blarney Pilgrim -
El McMeen The Blarney Pilgrim -
El McMeen Boys Of The Ould Brigade -
El McMeen Brian Boru's March -
El McMeen Bridget Cruise - 3rd Air -
El McMeen Bridget Cruise - 4th Air -
El McMeen Carolan No. 179 -
El McMeen Carolan's Cottage -
El McMeen Carolan's Farewell To Music -
El McMeen Carolan's Receipt -
El McMeen The Castle of Dromore -
El McMeen Charles O'Connor -
El McMeen Danny Boy -
El McMeen Eleanor Plunkett -
El McMeen Fanny Power -
El McMeen The Gypsy Rover -
El McMeen Hugh O'Donnell -
El McMeen The Humours Of Ballyloughlin -
El McMeen Inisheer Air -
El McMeen The Irish Washerwoman -
El McMeen James Plunkett -
El McMeen Jock O'Hazeldean -
El McMeen The Kid On The Mountain -
El McMeen The Killmoulis Jig -
El McMeen Lament For Owen Roe O'Neill -
El McMeen Mist Covered Mountains Of Home -
El McMeen My Mary of the Curling Hair -
El McMeen O'Hara's Cup -
El McMeen One Morning In May -
El McMeen The Rights of Man -
El McMeen Sir Festus Burke -
El McMeen The South Wind -
El McMeen Will Ye Go, Lassie, Go? -
John Renbourn Mist Covered Mountains -

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