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    Books: Luka Bloom

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    I first heard Luka Bloom in a record store in Melbourne, Australia. I went into the store to get some records with Australian digeridoo music and a good recording av Walzing Mathilda and some other Australian folk songs. I had no intention of buying record with an Irish singer. But they were playing some music that I really liked. I asked what they were playing, and it was Luka Bloom, a singer I had never heard of before. So I bought this record, in addition to the kind of muisic I was looking for.

    Luka Bloom plays a lot in various open tunings. The information on this site is picked up from different sources, but the Bloody Fingers site is the most important. But they are transcriptions or interpretations by happy amateurs, and we can find several versions of the same tune in various tunings. I have played some of them, but not all. It is likely that some of the tunings are not correct in the sense that they are not the tuning used by Luka Bloom. You have to try them for yourself. Anyway, the point is not, or should not be to copy Luka Bloom or anyone else. Learn from them, but play the music your way. If you end up with a different tuning, who cares as long as it sounds good?