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Books: The playing of Stefan Grossman

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Stefan Grossman is one guitar player who never gets and probably never will get the credit he really deserves. His main contribution to guitar playing is not so much his own playing, but the way he has made other guitarist's playing styles available to generations of guitar players. When asking players about their influences, they (or should I say we ...) will mention people like Robert Johnson, Rev Gary Davis, Big Bill Broonzy, Son House, Blind Blake, Mississippi John Hurt, etc, etc. But we do not mention that we learned this music from Stefan Grossman. Along with Happy Traum he pioneered guitar teaching. Contemporary guitar playing would not have been the same without Stefan Grossman. He was not the only one who studied the great blues players of the past, but he shared his knowledge with the rest of us.

As you will see if you look into the page on my own development as a guitar player, Stefan Grossman has meant a lot for me. And I must mention two slide guitar pieces that have etched themselves into my musical memory, which bot turned out to be played by Stefan Grossman. The first one was the sound track to the Swedish movie Joe Hill, and the other is the guitar playing on Paul Simon's Paranoia Blues, from his first solo album.

Stefan Grossman is a very good guitarist and an entertaining performer. But still I think of him more as a researcher, teacher and publisher, than as a guitar player. To me his books are more important than his records.

Books on the playing of Stefan Grossman

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Fingerpicking Blues Guitar Solos
This fine text presents ten fabulous Stefan Grossman fingerstyle blues solos in notation and tablature.
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RefNr: MB94503BCD
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