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About Olav Torvund

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About Olav Torvund

OTWho is this Olav Torvund? I am living in Oslo, Norway. I was born in 1955, which means that I at the time of writing has just turned 52. By profession I am a law professor at University of Oslo, Norwegian Research Center for Computer and Law. I am mainly working with electronic trasactions, intellectual property and contract related to information technology and information services.

Besides my work as a professor, I am partner in the law firm Bing & Co, a small and specialized law firm. We are mainly working with issues related to information technology, intellecutal property and public procurement.

I started to play guitar when I was 10-12 years old (I do not remember exactly). The acoustic guitar is my main instrument. I used to teach blues guitar when I was a law student and I wrote a book on blues guitar (in Norwegian).

My facebook profile and Linkedin profile.

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