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About the site

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About The Site

My first introduction to computer based communication was throug the system Com that was running on the Dec computers at University of Oslo - it must have been in 1981 or 1982. From there I went on to the Internet based News. At one point in time, I think it was aroung 1990, someone took the initiative for posting "Guitar Lesson of The Week" in News. I happened to write the first three lessons. You can find the lessons at my site, as well as on many other websites across the net.

The university gave us the opportunity to make our own websites at the university. It must have been in the mid-90s. I made a simple site, where I included my guitar lessons as well as some new lessons, and some law-related material. Then one day a friend asked me if I knew that my website was among the most popular sites at University of Oslo. I did not know. But this inspired me to develop the site further, and eventually get my own domain. It is a never ending work in progress.

Why do I run the site? First of all, it is a hobby. But what makes it fun is that no one learn more from the site than I do. To present and teach any subject - being law, music or anything else - it is not enough to know how, you need to understand why. Why do the V7 chord in a blues turnarund work as it does? I like to know, love to learn and want to understand. Writing is a very good way to learn.

A bit too often I find that teachers and teaching material tend to take some of the basic knowledge for granted. After having struggeled to learn something, I have often been asking myself "why haven't anyone told me this before?" It could be hard to find the answer, but the annswer was not hard to understand once I found it. What I am presenting on the site to a large extent what I what I would have liked someone to tell me when I was trying to learn all this. The site is in one sense a collection of study notes that I share with you.

There has never been any well developed development plan behind this. I have added what I wanted to add to the site as I went along. But what we have now is the fourth generation of the site. But ss the site has been growing, it was at some points no longer possible to manage the content with the existing technology. Now it is based on a database and I hope that I will not have to do any major restructuring for many years. For the last two years I have mainly been working on site development and not on the content. It is time to go back to content. (But it was interesting to learn database design and web development more in depth ...)

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Previous page: About Olav Torvund Next page: Pages that are recently added or updated