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DVD zoning

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As I am sure you know, the producers of DVDs have tried to divide the world in zones, to avoid competition. If you are living in USA or Canada, this should be to much of a problem -- at least not as far as music instruction DVDs in English are concerned. But if you are living outside of North America, you have to be a bit more careful. In Europe we need DVDs made to zone 2 or zone 0 (zone 0 is "zone free", and zone 0 DVDs can be played world wide. Antoher option is to get a modified DVD-player that can play all zones.

The information from retailers on zones is often incorrect. Amazon is notoriously unreliable on this issue. They seem to label anything as "zone 1" without really checking. Most of the music instruction DVDs are zone 0. Due to the often incorrect information from retailers, I have asked some of the publishers about their policy. HAL Leonard, Homespun Tapes, Grossmans Guitar Worksshop and Alfred Music all says that all of their DVDs are zone 0. Alfred Music aquired the music publishing branch of Warner Brothers some time ago, and they could not guarantee that all DVDs sold under the WB label are zone 0, but all DVDs sold under the Alfred label are. I do not know the policy of Mel Bay on this issue.

If you live in Europe (or any other place outside North America), the safe bet is to order DVDs from MusicRoom. Their information on the issue seems to be more reliable. And for us Europeans, DVDs sold by them will usually be in zone 2 if they are not zone 0.

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