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Bob Dylan's melodies

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Bob Dylan's Melodies

This is a page where I collect information on the origin of melodies Bob Dylan used in his song. Not all of them are original ...

I decided to make the page when I was listening to a recording by Fairport Convention of the song Nottamun Town. I was wondering: Where had I heard this melody? And after a while, it struck me: Bob Dylan: Masters of War. So I start with this.

Bob Dylan song Dylan Recording Original Melody Comments
Masters of War The Freewheelin Nottamun Town  
With God on Our Side   The Patriots Game I think it is an Irish tune. If my memory is correct, I first time heard the original performed by The Dubliners. In a time where the word patriotism is misused by people who claim to have God on their side in invading another country, I like the irony here.
Bob Dylan's Dream   Lord Franklin Bob Dylan learned the tune from Marin Carthy when he stayed in London in the early 60's.
Girl From The North Country   Scarborough Fair This is really Bob Dylan's rewrite of both the lyric and the melody. But it is derived from Scarborough Fair. Bob Dylan learned this tune too from Marin Carthy – at the same time that Paul Simon learned the tune from the same source ....
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