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Welcome to Olav Torvund's Guitar site

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Olav Torvund's Guitar Blog

Listening to “classical” music

- Fri, 28 Jan 2011 16:26:06 +0000

We can appreciate beautiful sounds without knowing anything about them. We can appreciate music without knowing anything about music, just as we can appreciate a good wine without any knowledge of wine, a painting without any insight into art history, etc. But if we know and understand, then our experience as listeners will be enhanced. […]

Beatles on the net – too good to be true

- Tue, 06 Jan 2009 21:00:39 +0000

The Beatles podcasts did not last long on the net. NRKs agreement with two of the three organisations involved only allow NRK to podcast programs containing music for a periode of four weeks after the program was sent. The “Daily Beatles” series was sent in 2007, which mean that it cannot be made available (with […]

Complete Beatles on the net — for free!

- Mon, 05 Jan 2009 16:18:04 +0000

In November 2008 there was a real breakthrough in the negotiations between The Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) and the Norwegian Colleting Society for composers. Under this agreement NRK now has the right to make podcasts with music available on the net. The program that is podcasted can not have more than 70% music, meaning that they […]

Backing Tracks are back on track

I have reestablished the Backing Tracks section. The backing tracks have been there all the time, but they have only been included under the various chord progressions.

Welcome to my guitar site

I have decided that from now on, this new platform is the main platform for my Guitar site. It does not mean that it is complete. The Blues Guitar series and the Open /Alternate tuning section are complete in the sense that everything from the old site have been tansferred to the new site. To give an escape route to the parts of the old site that have not yet been transferred, I have included an "Old section" part in the menu.

You can navigate the site by one of the indexes: For artists you get some generel information (or at least this is the ambition), a list of books, videos and recordings by this artist. In a not too distant future, selected CDs will be added. You can navigate by genre, by tunings, by modulations or by chord types. More indexes may be added.

For artist you will find recordings by each artist. For each recording you may find information on books, videos and CDs where it can be found, information on key, tuning, progressions, etc. As there are more than 15.000 recordings in the database, it is beyond my ambitions to add such information to all recordings.

Currently I am mainly working on the , but the work is not completed yet. This section will be reorganized. The comments on each individual progression are moved into the supporting database, and you can get a list of all the progressions under the "Index" heading in the menu. There you will find progressions linked to songs, and they (or at least some of them) will be linked to certain chords, modulations, etc. This is something I have wanted to do, but somthing that could not be done for the old site. Old lessons covering only one progression will be comments to this specific progression. Lessons in the  will be written on top of the   progression database. The existing lessons will either be comments to specific progressions or lessons and revised at a later stage.

The Theory-series will be next in line. I am working on progressions and theory in parallell, but priority is given to progressions.

The Open /Alternate tuning section is much richer in content than in the old version. The new framework allow me to do what I had to give up for the old site: Link tunings and recordings. I put all the information I have on various tunings and their usage into the database. I still have a lot of information that I have not had time to add to the database, but it will come. And you can help by sending me information to be added.

I have not yet decided what to do with the Chord section. I would like to draw chord diagrams from scripts rather than using graphical files. It should not be too difficult. But unless someone can provide the scripts, I need to find out how to do it and implement it. Until then, I will use th old part of the site for the chords.

Until now I have given priority to content and functionality, not to lay out. It will be like that until at least most of the materiale has been migrated to the new site.

If you like the site ...

If you like the site, you can contribute in a few very simple ways. Whenever someone follows links from my site to one of the retailers I have agreements with, I get a small commission. This will never make me rich (but I wouldn't mind if it did ...), and will hardly cover the out of pocket costs of running the web-site. But it is at least a sign of appreciation. So if you are going to buy a book of CD from US or UK or sheetmusic/music books form SheetmusicPlus or MusicRoom, do me the favor that you click in from my site (you could even bookmark the URL's in my links by right-clicking and add them to your favorites.). I might add a few retailers in the future. But I will reserve the main part of your screen for information on guitar, not on advertising. And I hate all this pop-up ad's that we see to often, so you will never find any of those at my site.

On my side, I will try to develop the site further. I have many ideas, but not enough time - and everything tend to take more time than I expect. Please bear in mind that this is a site run by an amateur, and accept that is is a never ending work in progress. I may work hard on the site for a week or two, but then there might be months when I do not have time even to think of it.

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