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Posted by: torvund

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Name: Dsus2 Family: Modal Root: D Voicing: 1-5-1-2-5-2

The tuning can be defined with D or A as root. With A it will be Esus4, with the voicing 4-1-4-5-1-5.

Martin Carthy often used the DADEAE, that allows playing in D major and D minor, A major and minor, E minor and G major.

Recordings with the D-A-D-E-A-E tuning

Martin Carthy Peggy And The Soldier -
Martin Carthy Polly On The Shore -
Martin Carthy Seven Yellow Gypsies -
Dick Gaughan Farewell to Whisky -
Dick Gaughan Rattlin Roarin Willie -
Dick Gaughan Three Healths -
Pat Kirtley Planxty Irwin -
Pat Kirtley Steel Guitar Rag -
Don Ross Everybody Lies -
Don Ross Thin Air -
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