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Posted by: torvund

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Name: Sawmill Family: Modal Root: G Voicing: 5-1-5-1-4-5

The DGDGCD tuning, or Gsus4 tuning . It derives from the banjo tuning GDGCD, and is often referred to as Sawmill tuning.

Recordings with the D-G-D-G-C-D tuning

Steve Baughman Planxty Bongwater -
Pierre Bensusan De Trilport A Fublaines -
Pierre Bensusan Le Lac Des Abbesses -
Martin Carthy Famous Flower Of Serving Men -
Ani DiFranco Face Up And Sing New Version
John Renbourn Saltarello -
John Renbourn Trotto -
Martin Simpson Flower Of Sweet Erin -
Martin Simpson Waiting for the Boatman -

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Open tunings for solo Guitar
Dorian Michael provides 14 folk songs in nine tunings to help guitarists become comfortable with changing tunings to expand their range.
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