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Category: General
Posted by: torvund

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II7 - V of V chord - Chord

Other Chord progressions

From Ger Tillekens Words and chords [links added by me]:

The next cluster of chords consists of the relative* Major chords the supertonic II, the submediant VI and the mediant III. These chords supply their own surplus of meaning to the lyrics. We already observed the supertonic in "I Want To Hold Your Hand" the first time the Beatles applied this particular chord in their compositions. In "Eight Days A Week" the Beatles use this same chord more boldly, taking a direct step from the tonic to the supertonic at the start of a song. For once they were not the first ones to introduce an harmonic novelty. By a few months they were overtaken by the Rolling Stones' composition "As Tears Go By." For the Beatles the supertonic completed the cluster of relative Major chords. The Lennon' composition "There's A Place" shows how these relative Majors were applied semantically in the Beatles' songs, underlining an individual utterance, that's being felt so strong that it escapes from the confines of the private into the openess of the public, for everybody out there to hear (example 4).

*) The terms "relative" and "parallell" are confusing. It seems that the terminology varies from country to country/language to language. I would use "parallell" here, but I cannot tell what is correct - if there is a correct answer here. See more in the Relative minor lesson.

Recordings with the II7 V of V chord progression - Annotaded

  • The Beatles - Act Naturally -
  • The Beatles - All You Need is Love -
  • The Beatles - Anna (Go With Him) -
  • The Beatles - Baby's In Black -
  • The Beatles - Back In the USSR -
  • The Beatles - Blackbird -
  • The Beatles - Devil In Her Heart -
  • The Beatles - Doctor Robert -
  • The Beatles - Eight days a week -
  • The Beatles - Good Day Sunshine -
  • The Beatles - Hey Bulldog -
  • The Beatles - Hold Me Tight -
  • The Beatles - I Call Your Name -
  • The Beatles - I Don't Want to Spoil The Party -
  • The Beatles - I Need You -
  • The Beatles - I Will -
  • The Beatles - I'll Follow The Sun -
  • The Beatles - I'll Get You -
  • The Beatles - In My Life -
  • The Beatles - It won't Be Long -
  • The Beatles - Little Child -
  • The Beatles - Magical Mystery Tour -
  • The Beatles - Mother Nature's Son -
  • The Beatles - The Night Before -
  • The Beatles - One After 909 -
  • The Beatles - Run For Your Life -
  • The Beatles - She loves you -
  • The Beatles - She's Leaving Home -
  • The Beatles - With a Little Help from My Friends -
  • The Beatles - You Won't See Me -
  • Eric Clapton - Blues Power -
  • The Shadows - F. B. I. -

  • Books covering the progression -

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