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    Posted by: torvund

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    Dire Straits - videos (DVD)

    Books - DVD - Recordings - CDs -Equipment

    New videos (or videos with updated information)

    Videos on the playing of Dire Straits

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    Dire Straits - Romeo And Juliet
    Learn how to play Romeo and Juliet fast! This 10 minute video shows you all the chords and riffs for this classic song, with on-screen chords and tablature.
    RefNr: DV11132
    Order From:

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    Learn To Play Dire Straits
    This excellent 2DVD set will help you master the eclectic Mark Knopfler mix of melodic hard rock and country chops that defined the Dire Straits sound.
    RefNr: RDR0046
    Order From:

    Videos including songs recorded by Dire Straits

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    Learn to Play Classic Rock Tracks - Volume 3
    Learn 5 more classic rock tracks note for note!
    RefNr: RDR0094
    Order From:

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