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    Category: General
    Posted by: torvund

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    Mance Lipscomb - books

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    Mance Lipscomb (1895-1976), the son of a former slave, lived almost his whole life in Navasota, Texas, supporting himself and his family by tenant farming. But he was also a guitar player and songster who played blues and rags for his local neighbors at loal Saturday night parties. In 1960 Mance was discovered by Chris Strachwith of Arhoolie Records and Mack McCormick. Within a short period of time Mance was recording albums and performing at festivals, concert halls and clubs around the country.

    Mance Lipscomb is a good musician to start with. He is playing a traditional Acoustic Texas Blues, with mainly a monoton bass. His playing is rather simple, but very effective. I am hoping that the video on his playing will soon be issued on DVD.

    I would reccomend a more in depth study of Mance Lipscomb as the next step. But it is not too easy to find the material to recommend. There is one book by Dan Bowden published by Mel Bay, but it is out of print and you have to search for it in the second han market. Amazon might be able to help you. The last time I looked into it, they had four second hand books available.

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