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    Posted by: torvund

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    Blind Blake - books

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    Blind Arthur Blake was the greatest ragtime blues guitarist to record during the 1920s, and he dissappeared in a mysterious way in 1932. He recorded 81 songs.

    His guitar styles and techniques were unique as well as dazzling. Blake's playing revolved around the use of his right hand thumb. This gave him that bounce or what Rev. Gary Davis used to call, "a sportin' right hand.". He played a syncopated alternating bass with his thumb. If you find Blind Blake too hard to start with, you might work with Big Bill Broonzy, and go on to Blind Blake afterwards.

    As already said: Blind Blake is not for beginners. But when you feel ready for him, I will suggest that you start with the Woody Mann audio lesson (book/3CD), or his video if you prefer this medium.

    Continue with the book/CD set with transcriptions, which gives you both good listening and playing challenges.

    Then you might go for some of the other record, books and videos listed below.

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