• The Immortals (Rolling Stone) by Billy Gibbons

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    Muddy Waters, or McKinley Morganfield as his real name was, was the most important figure on the Chicago Blues Scene. He brought the country blues to Chicago, and elctrified it to suit the life and the pace (and noise) of the city. Names like Jimmy Rogers, Little Walter, James Cotton, Buddy Guy and Junior Wells have all played in his band. And the young brits Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Brian Jones named their band The Rolling Stones after one of his tunes.

    In his early life, Muddy Waters got very influenced by Son House and adapted the Open-G Tuning ("Spanish") and the basic theme of My Black Mama (which became Walking Blues in the hands of Robert Johnson) from him. For a long time he used Open G and Open D tunings for his slide playing. But in later years he preferd to play slide in standard tuning.

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