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Eagle-eye Cherry - books

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The Big Acoustic Guitar Chord Songbook (Platinum Edition)
Eighty acoustic classics from the last twenty-five years, arranged for guitar and voice.
Level: , pages
RefNr: AM968726
Order From:
Amazon UK
Amazon US

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Essential Acoustic Playlist
Complete lyrics, guitar chord boxes and symbols for seventy classic unplugged songs. Includes music by The Rolling Stones, Dido, Moby, Blur, Badly Drawn Boy, REM and many more.
Level: , pages
RefNr: IMP9701A
Order From:

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The Big Acoustic Guitar Chord Songbook Collection
Three volume set of Big Acoustic Chord Songbooks, including 'Original', 'Gold' and 'Platinum' Editions, featuring the lyrics and chords to over 230 pop hits of the last 4 decades.
Level: , pages
RefNr: AM971872
Order From:

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