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Category: General
Posted by: torvund

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Albert King - books

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I remember very well the only Albert King concert I have attended. His show opened as the shows of these stars often do: The band played without Albert King. He had a very good guitarist in the band (I do not know his name), and I remember thinking that Albert King was a brave man who dared to have such a good guitarist in his band. He was after all a guitar hero himself. But when Albert King entered the stage, he only had to play one note, and the other guitarist was almost blown off the stage. There was no doubt about who was the star and the boss at the stage. It was nothing fancy, just a matter of playing the right note the right way at the right time.

Albert King is a very influential guitarist. Yet there is not too much material available that analyzes his playing style. It might have to do with his very original approach to playing. He was left-handed, and played his Gibson Flying V (the guitar I am using for arrows in this series) upside down. Then he used a tuning that he kept secret. His tuning was said to be CFCFAD, which is basically the same tuning as Lonnie Johnson is said to have been using - DGDGBE. Albert King's tuning is just one note lower. But there are some sources - it is said to be Steve Cropper who played with Albert King on some of his records - says that he used an Open-Em, with the lowest string tuned down to C. It should then be CBEGBE. I am not the one to make the verdict.

What did he play?

Albert King played Gibson Flying V, the guitar I have chosen to use as "Arrow Buttons" on this site. But I do not know exactly which model(s) he played.

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T:TG 106, A:G1 2002-12, T:G1 1999-09

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Blues Guitar Riffs
60 of the greatest blues riffs of all time
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RefNr: HL699342
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'60s Guitar Riffs
61 Of the Decade's Most Memorable Riffs. The latest installation in our super-popular Riff Notes series, this book is a great collection of 61 must-know rock-era riffs, transcribed note for note.
Level: , pages
RefNr: HL699147
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