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    Category: General
    Posted by: torvund

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    Søk artist (skriv de første bokstavene i etternavnet):

    Ricardo Iznaola - recordings

    Books - DVD - Recordings - CDs -Equipment

    One of the most attractive personalities of the guitar world, Ricardo Iznaola pursues a brilliant, multi-faceted musical career. An American citizen, he was born in Havana, Cuba, in 1949, and trained in Caracas under maestros Manuel Prez Diaz and Alirio Diaz, and in Madrid under the eminent master Regino Sainz de la Maza, while pursuing advanced studies in Theory and Composition at Madrid's Royal Conservatory. Critics, colleagues and audiences in four continents have acclaimed his path-breaking work as concert and recording artist, composer, teacher, lecturer and writer. Mr. Iznaola has won top prizes in eight international competitions, including the Munich International Performance Competition, the Francisco Trrega Competition, the Alirio Diaz Competition and the Stroud International Composers' Competition.

    Recordings by Ricardo Iznaola

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