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Bikerail 2018 part 1– On Interrail with a bicycle @Interrail ‏

For us who where young in the 1970s, Interrail opened if not the World, so at least Europe to us. Among us young norwegians, some had been visiting Sweden or Denmark (there has for a long time been many ferry-connections between Norway and Denmark). A very few had visited other countries. Cheap flights did not exist at these times. The only alternative was hitch-hiking.

With Interrail we could visit Amsterdam, Paris, Rome, Venice, London and other cities and places we had read and heard about, that had been way out of our reach. I spent three summers travelling Europe by train.  We pretended to be travellers, not tourists. But we were of course uninformed and ill prepared amateur tourists. We should go out and discover the world, not go on sight seeing or rely on guide books, like the tourists. If we saw something that looked interesting, we often did not know what is was. And we missed a lot because we were not prepared and did not have good guide books. But we got to see many countries and famous places. We wanted to see as many countries and famous cities as we could, to tick them off on our list of “been there”. It is not a good way to travel.

I have been using bicycle for transport for many years. But I did not go on any long cycling tour before I turned 60. It is one of the things I should have stated to do many years ago. But we cannot rewind the time an live it all over again.

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