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Wines (and some other drinks) of Giro d’Italia 2016 – introduction

 Tomorrow is the start of Giro d’Italia.

In 2010 I started to search for wines along the Tour de France route. It was virtual searches. I searched for wines from the areas, I did not travel in all these areas. (But I would like to do). In 2011 I followed up with Giro d’Italia. Although I did choose French and Italien titles (“Les vins du Tour de France” and “I vini del Giro d’Italia”), they were written in Norwegian. The idea was simply to make Tour the France and Giro d’Italia my plan for learning more about Frenh and Italian wine. But even though France and Italy are the two countries in the world with the highest production  of wine, there are still areas where wine is not produced. When the riders are in these areas, we have to search for interesting beer or something else.

This year I have decided to do versions in English, in addition to the Norwegian versions. I have learned a lot about French and Italian wines by writing these blog series. But still it is easier for me to research the French than the Italian wines. We have an appartement i France, and spend many weeks there — of course drinking french wine while we are there. I read French, but not Italian, meaning that it is easier for me to find information on French wines. I am not pretending to be an expert. It is more like inviting you to join my journey of learning.

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