Wines and other drinks of Giro d’Italia 2018: Stage 9: Pesco Sannita — Gran Sasso d’Italia (Campo Imperatore)

They were celebrating in Equador yesterday, as they got their second stage win in Giro d’Italia. We who come from small countries know how it feels when som of “our’s” succed internationally. It was a bit of drama near the end, when Chris Froome crashed. But when crashing uphill, the speed is not very high. Although they go faster uphill in an ascent like yesterday, than most of us do when it is flat. It did not cause any important chages in the GC.

It is getting tougher. Today is another summit finish, this time with one first category climb right after the other, and the finish is at 2000 meter above sea level. We must hope that we will see attacs from someone who will cause the GC-contenders to respond.

It is tempting to say that the Apennines is the back bone of Italy. But as we usually use a leg or a boot as a metaphor to describe Italy,  then it does not really work. But it divides Italy in two. The climate is different on each side. Today the riders will climb up to the massif Gran Sasso d’Italia, where the highest top is 2.912 meters. But the rider will not have to go up there.

I have already mentioned earthquakes. In 2009 it was a severe earthquake in the area the riders are going into, L’Aquila.

We start in Campania. But we had the better wines yesterday, and the disadvantage is that there are not many interesting wines left for today.

We start in the district Sannio DOC. Here they make a sparkling wine with the traditional method from the traditional graps Greco and Falanghina. In addition to this wine, Sanno DOC, as so many Italian DOCs, includes a wide variety of wines made from many different grapes. It could be almost any wine from the Benevento province. It is difficult to specify what is typical for this area. Some of the better local producers are De Lucia, Fattoria Torre Gaia, Antica Masseria Venditti, Nifo Serrapchiello, Oppiala Aminea and Corte Normanna.

After a short while, we come to Taburno, which has two DOCs, covering more or less the same area:  Aglianico del Taburno DOC and Taburno DOC. There is no prize for guessing that Aglianico del Taburno DOC is a red wine made from Aglianico, and Taburno DOC is for other wines. Taburno is located at high altitude, which gives low night temeratures and a good taste in the wine, particularly in   Aglianico. But we had Taurasi yesterday, which is Aglianico at its very best.

We pass through to other almost overlapping areas, Solopaca DOC and Guardia Sanframondi DOC. Solopaca is sad to be the most boring DOC in the region, at least from a wine perspective.. Guardia Sanframondi DOC is qute similar to Solopaca. The wine is mostly drunk locally.

We leave Campania, and continue in Molise. Molise is not the most interesting wine region in Italy, and up here in the mountains, we will not find interesting wines.

Tomorrow is a rest day.

Wines (and some other drinks) of Giro d'Italia 2018

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