Wines and some other drinks of Tour de France 2018: Not the best wine stages

Today Tour de France 2018 was presented, and we can forget the rumours. I am always frustrated by the lack of details presented. We get an overview, but not more detailed maps of the stages. They will probably be available sometime in June 2018. I do not understand why they hold this information back.

It will be an exiting Tour, with many exciting stages. But I leave it to the various cycling magazines to discuss the Tour from a cycling perspective. I am looking for wine and other drinks, and maybe some interesting food along the stages.

The Tour start in Vendée, where the river Loire flows into the ocean. We are at the outer part of Loire. We may have to go a bit deeper into Loire to find wine, but we will find some.

From there, the Tour heads north-west to Brittany. There we have to go for beer an cider, as they do not produce wine there. Further north, towards Roubaix. It is the flemish part of France. It is a part of France with brewing tradition, but not wine making tradition.

In the Alps it will be hard do find wine, as always. One stage will end and one start in the Rhône valley, but not in the part of Rhône where we find the more interesting Rhône wines. Maybe we can find some wine in Ardeche. The finish in Mende will be exiting. But I have yet to find interesting wine form the Lozere departement.

We may find some intersting wines along the stages to and from Carcassonne, but we will need more detalis to find out. In the Pyrenees, there are no wines to be found. But we may fine some along the stage ending in Pau.

The Tour will end in Paris, and then we will have champagne, as usual.

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