Wines (and some other drinks) of Giro d’Italia 2017 – Stage 15: Valdengo — Bergamo

An impressive ride from Tom Dumoulin yesterday. It will not be easy for Nairo Quintana to get the time gap he will need before the final time trial.

Today, it may be silence before the storm. The first 150 km are flat. Then the riders hit the mountains. There are one 2nd and one 3rd category climb. But from the last summit, there are 30 km to the finish, mainly descent. Tom Dumoulin is a better descender than Nairo Quintana, so it is unlikely that Quintana will win some time here. Maybe it is a stage where i finally can be an Italian victory, by Vincenzo Nibali.

We start in Piedmont, and go into Lombardy. We start in the wine district where we ended yesterday, and we will not repeat what we said yesterday.

Lombardy is a region with five DOCG-classified districts. But the wine production is not large, and most of what is produced is sold and drunk in and around Milan. Little is sold out of the district. So the fact is that Lombardy is not an important wine region.

In Lombardy, they make Italy’s best sparkling wine: Franciacorta. But the final stage is a time trial to Milan, and we save Franciacorta to the final next Sunday.

If we shall not go too far from today’s stage, we are left with two not very interesting wine districts near Bergamo.

The two districts are Valcalepio DOC and Moscato di Scanzo DOCG. In Valcalepio DOC they produce a red wine with the traditional Bordeuax-blend: Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. There must be 25-60% Cabernet Sauvignon. A white is made from Pinot Bianco and Chardonnay, which combined must be at least 50% of the blend. The rest can be Pinot Grigio. This gives wines that are OK, but without any local carachter, meaning that they are not very interesting.

Traditionally, they have produced a sweet passitowine, made from dried muscato grapes. This is the wine classified as Moscato di Scanzo DOCG. This wine is always bottled in 50cl bottles.

This is the wine we can find if we do not move too far from today’s stage.

Tomorrow is a well deserved rest day. I think the riders will need it before the very hard final week og the Giro.

Italian Wines 2016

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The book is available in a paper edition and a Kindle edition. One year, I bought the Kindle edition. But for this kind of book, I prefer the paper version. It is available from Amazon UK on paper and for Kindle. And from Amazon US in paperback and as Kindle edition.

Wines (and some other drinks) of Giro d'Italia 2017

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