Wines (and some other drinks) of Giro d’Italia 2017 – Stage 8: Molfetta — Peschici

Finally, it was Caleb Ewan’s day yesterday. But he will not win today. On TV yesterday (Eurosport) I heard some intersting comments about Fernando Gavaria form the sport director of Quick Step. He comes from track racing, and have to learn to ride grand tours. He is not used to being exhausted from the days before, and then start another long stage. He is not ready to race in the morning, and it takes time before his engine starts working again.

We are still in Puglia. Molfetta is located at the coast, around 20 km north west of Bari.There is an error with the detailed map for stage 8. They had republished the map for stage 7 instead of stage 8. But we do not stay far from the coast, before the finish in the costal town Peshici. The stage is mainly flat, but the last 1500 meters ar uphill. It is not a finish for the sprinters.

Puglia is one of the regions in Italy with largest wine production. There have been large investments in wine production. Some of the major producers have established production here. For some years, the large producers prduced the better wine. But in more recent years, many smaller producers with strong focus on quality and terroir have established themselves in the area. It is a region worth following, and we can find good wines at reasonable prices.

The world is not fair, and neither is the wine world. For some days, we have had problems finding interesting wines along the stages. But here in Puglia, there is too much wine. If Puglia had been a country on its own, it would have no 10-11 among the countries with largest wine production. We have to pick a few wines.

Primitivo is most common grape in Puglia. But the main district for Primitivo is a bit further south. We leave these districts for another year, when the Giro goes through these districts.

If we make a turn into the country we come to the district Castel del Monte, which is located around the mysterious castle Castel del Monte.

The red wines are the more interesting. In addition to primitivo, the more interesting wines are single grape wines made from Uva di Troia. This grape do of course have different names in different regions. After all, we are in Italy. Some believe that these grape comes fom Troy, as the name indicates. But there are several theories on that.But I do not think it was transported to Italy with trojan horses. Uvo di Troia is a grape that ripens and is harvested late, often in october, compared to Primitivo which ripens and is harvested early (that is what the name indicates). It does not get the “baked” carachter that Primitivo can have, when harvested in a hot period.

The quality of these wines have improved a lot in the more recent years, with more modern viniication. Il Falcone is a Castel del Monte made from 70% Nero de Troia and 30% Montepulciano.

WIMG_0109From Puglia we get a sweet dessert wine made from Aleatico di Puglia. It is one of the few wines that can be prduced all over Puglia. After Gioia del Colle and Salice Salentino got there own wines made from Aleatico within their classifications, the production of Aleatico di Puglia has diminished, and is now very small. Castel del Monte’s Santa Lucia is regarded as one of the better wines of this type.

Italian Wines 2016

Italian Wines is published yearly by Gambero Rosso. This is a detailed guide to Italian Wines. 22 000 wines from 2 400 producers are listed in the book. If you want to fine the best wines from the various regions of Italy, this is your guide. This is a type of book I usually use when I am visiting producers, to find the producers to visit.

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Native Wine Grapes of Italy

0520272269If you are or want to become an Italian wine nerd, you can add this book to your library. Italy has many native grapes, many more than the 375 that are discussed in this book. There are many unclassified grapes that cannot be used in classified wines.

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Wines (and some other drinks) of Giro d'Italia 2017

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