Wine and some other drinks of Tour de France 2016. Stage 1: Mont-Saint-Michel / Utah Beach Sainte-Marie-du-Mont

Here we go again. It is time for Tour de France. The first stage is in Normandie, starting at the spectacular Mont Saint Michel and ending in Utah Beach.


Mont Saint Michel is at the border between Brittany and Normandy. It is in Normandy, but the river Couesnon the flows out in the ocean next to Mont Saint Michel is the border between these two regions.

We are a bit too far north to find wine. We start with a beer.

We are in an area most known for Cidre and Apple Brandy, even though Calvados is a bit further to the east. But we start with a beer..

Brasserie de la Baie is a brewery in the Mont Saint Michel bay. They brew tha beers that are rather common in the north of France: Blance, Blonde, Ambrée and Brune. I have not tasted any of their beers, and have no opinon of them.

The brewery was started by Christophe Lesénéchal in 2003. He had then completed his education at l’IFBM (Institut Français de la Bière et la Malterie), The French insitute for brewing and malting. I find it interesting that the wine country France had a higher educating in brewing. even before the current trend of beer brewing took off.. Brasserie de la Baie call their beers  “La Croix des Grèves”, which is named after a legend. A group of pilgrims travelled to Mont Saint Michel in a boat in the middle of the 12th centyry. They were surprised by bad weather. A pregnant woman gave birth to a baby in the midtst of the storm. To express their thankfullness to be savedm they raised a cross near  Mont Saint-Michele, “La Croix des Grèves”. The cross has disappeared, it is probably buried in the sand.

Near the finish, we pass Valognes, where we find the brewery Brasserie d’Aluna.

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