Wines (and some other drinks) of Giro d’Italia 2016 – Stage 8: Foligno – Arezzo

Giro_2016_00-08Stage 8 is 186 km, mainly up the Tiber River valley. The climb up to Alpe di Poti near the end, 6,4 km on dirt roads will drop many riders, and the descent to the finish i too short to regain what is lost.


We start in Foligno, where we ended yesterday. Which also means that we are starting and are spending the first part of the stage in Umbria.

We are passing through Assisi, the town how the monk St. Francis of Assisi. I am not a religious person. But we do not have to be religious to appreciate Francis of Assisi’s prayer “Make Me a Channel of Your Peace”, sung by Sinnead O’Connor.

Back to wine. In Assisi DOC, the vineyards are located from 180 to 550 meters above sea level. The producer Sportoletti is known for good quality. Among their wines are a white Assisi Grechetto and a red Assisi Rosso made from Sangiovese and Merlot.

We leave Umbria through Colli Altotiberini DOC. This is Umbria northernmost wine area. The wines are mainly white made from Trebbiano Toscano, and a red made from Sangiovese and some Merlot. Fattoria Colle del Sole is a producer with a good reputation.

The stage ends in Tuscany, one of the best and well known wine regions in Italy. But we enter Tuscany in one of the parts where tere are no classified wines. Then we make a little turn in the ouskirts of Chianti, before arriving in Arezzo. But as tomorrow’s stage is a time trial in Chinati Classico, we leave Chianti until tomorrow.

At stage 6, I mentioned the Montepulciano confusion. Some 60 km south of today’s arrival city, Abruzzo, is the town Montepulciano. Get a glass or a bottle of Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, and compare it to a Montepulciano d’Abruzzo.

Italian Wines 2016

1890142174Italian Wines is published yearly by Gambero Rosso. This is a detailed guide to Italian Wines. 22 000 wines from 2 400 producers are listed in the book. If you want to fine the best wines from the various regions of Italy, this is your guide. This is a type of book I usually use when I am visiting producers, to find the producers to visit.

The book is available in a paper edition and a Kindle edition. One year, I bought the Kindle edition. But for this kind of book, I prefer the paper version. It is available from Amazon UK on paper and for Kindle. And from Amazon US in paperback and as Kindle edition.

Wines (and some other drinks) of Giro d'Italia 2016

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